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Over here we are busy but really appreciating it. We’re going to the pumpkin patch, attending weddings, spending more time together as a family. The weather is warm, but for the first time this past weekend we had a little rain! I hope there is more of that to come. Jeans + sweaters = :), so lovely!

I have a little itch to mix up our living room a little bit. Our bathroom is on hold for a few other reasons (mostly backordered furniture) and while sitting cozy in the family space, I have a sudden urge to make something pretty in here. Maybe a new throw pillow, maybe framing a piece of fabric for the wall. I’m a little late to the party but suddenly I think it would be cool to make a big weaving for every wall. Ooh that sounds like fun.

When it comes to clothes, it’s sort of neat to keep up my capsule wardrobe. I have become much more purposeful about clothing purchases. I never shop and these days make a little splurge only if a pretty sweater catches my eye in my instagram feed (did I mention @noihsaf_bazaar? consignment has always been my thing). And, I’m ready to make handmade necklaces! Can’t wait to spend some of my creative time this month doing that. I will keep you posted on how it goes!!

Toddler Tips for Teeth Brushing

Toddler Tips for Teeth Brushing

Bedtime routine is the worst. Sometimes it feels like the evening is separated into two goals: dinner and prep for bedtime. How is it that activities such as pjs, teeth brushing, books, prayers, lights out can take hours? (or one, on a good day.) We even reserve baths for mornings with two very curly haired girls.

I was helping the girls get ready for bed the other night and I realized that though this post may seem a bit random, this is a tip that I think might be worth the random :).

My major toothbrushing aids: battery operated toothbrushes and kiddo floss picks (same rule applies here as with bandaids – the adult ones just aren’t fun).

Battery operated toothbrushes (excellent stocking stuffer I dare say) are AMAZING! I read this on another blog ages ago and have stuck with it. They work well (especially for moving children), are more fun, and kids can even sort of brush themselves. Tooth picks make flossing possible. Nothing else does in our house! Neither Kev nor I really had cavities growing up so I assumed our kids would have Ironman strong teeth. Three cavities later for Liv (and two terrible dentist visits) and we floss every night.

Now if someone could find a magical stay-in-bed trick that doesn’t involve bribery, I’m all ears.

Over and out, friends! I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful weekend. xo

Weekly Gatherings + a Favorite Summer BBQing Style

I was writing this post and immediately started with ‘September summers are here’. In fact, even the emailed version of this post (if you’re signed up on the RSS feed for the site) included September. I saw it this morning and was like – wait a second, something about that does not look right… but that’s how far back in time my brain is! And how quickly fall is moving along for us! Regardless, it is indeed October (sheesh) and the girls are asking about Halloween costumes. I’m like – are you sure that’s not next month??

A Great Way to Prep Dinner: Smoking Meats

We are enjoying this beautiful weather (especially the warm nights) with backyard dinners. We make a big point of getting together with family (and often friends) weekly for a communal dinner. They are truly the best and the big opportunity in our week to touch base with everyone.

One of our favorite bbqing techniques (Kev’s the pro here) that we all love is to smoke our meat. The prep is time consuming (a little bit), but the result is always fantastic.

Kingsford Charcoal challenged me to share a favorite recipe that involved bbqing and I thought it the perfect opportunity to chat a little about smoking meats. We fall back on smoking again and again for hosting BIG parties with 20+ people (because you can buy a big ole pork shoulder and let it smoke all day), but it’s equally great for a smaller dinner + leftover sandwiches. It’s not challenging but it is time consuming. It takes about 12 hours to prep a meal, but most of that is meat on smoker or meat in oven. It’s like an outdoor crockpot.

There are a bazillion awesome tutorials out there on smoking (here’s a good one) so I’ll leave this one to the basics and to how we do it. The goal here is to infuse meat (or fish) with that deliciously hearty smoked flavor. Because of the slow, all day process, this happens gradually. You can control a bit of the smoky goodness by choosing wood chips that are also flavorful, good choices include hickory or cherry wood chips (avoid any sort of ‘sap’ wood such as pine). In terms of meat, you can’t go wrong with BIG chunks like pork shoulder or with the more traditional ribs.

A Great Way to Prep Dinner: Smoking Meats

Once you give this food preparation process a try, you’ll be using it all fall. It’s daunting at first (believe me, I know) but now I feel comfortable enough to start a big hunk of meat in the morning and to serve it in the evening. Thanks to Kevin who made his own smoker from a metal keg and taught me a little of his technique. Now there’s nothing like knocking dinner out when you’re finishing up breakfast. If you want to hear more on our technique… …

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