Bedroom Insp Board: Peacock Blue, Yellow & Gold

We won’t be adding another full-size bedroom to our house any time soon. Well, we have an office/guest bedroom to create but it will likely be more office than bedroom so that doesn’t really count. BUT I was in the mood to experiment with some of my recent favorite finds, and if I could add a bedroom this one would be dreamy!

Peacock Blue, Chenille, Yellow, Gold, Modern Contemporary, Light Blue, Fabric Headboard, Cowhide

Caroline Bed – Urban Home $399, Recycled Metal Etch Shade – Urban Outfitters $49, Cowhide Rug – Urban Home $249, Savannah Dresser – JC Penny $469, Chenille Rug – Urban Outfitters $168, Trellis Wallpaper – Ballard Design $119, Elizabeth III Side Table – Ambiente, Beaded Flower Hook – Urban Outfitters $8, Pearl Trellis Fabric – Thibaut, Garden Envy Gardenia Fabric – Calico Corners, Chestnut Fabric – Thibaut

It’s a bit modern, a bit whimsical, and exactly what I’d try out if we lived in a little cottage or even a city loft. I love the idea of using peacock blues with yellows, golds and LOTS of naturals. The fabric bed is a personal favorite! Especially at that price (did you notice that crazy price?!).

Mixing country cottage chic (aka side table & dresser) with the clean, modern lines of the bed and pendant light softens the entire room. And to paint a few pieces of furniture a bright color like that yellow! Love that. The fabrics (in throw pillows for the bed, maybe?) bring in more playful patterns that pull together all of the room colors and compliments the trellis wallpaper (that would look great along just one wall). The other walls I’d leave white. Ahhh sweet dreaming.

A Simple Fall Get-Together

Pumpkin Brunch, October, November, Orange, Breakfast, Party, Decoration, Decor

It’s the perfect time of year for a sweet fall outdoor celebration. It’s beginning to crisp up elsewhere in the States but here in San Diego the weather is still offering it’s sunny, cloud-less skies in the first week of November.

This pumpkin brunch by City Cradle Design is a cozy and simple way to celebrate autumn with friends. Mmmmmm. And I’m definitely inspired to purchase rattan floor cushions ASAP!

Pumpkin Brunch, October, November, Orange, Breakfast, Party, Decoration, Decor

The details are great – from the hanging cakes in the trees to the scooped out pumpkins filled with pancakes and handmade, heart-shaped toppers. And replacing the standard water bottle labels with lace (see above) is an idea I’d love to steal for a tea party or shower. Victoria offers all of the little DIY projects at her site.

Pumpkin Brunch, October, November, Orange, Breakfast, Party, Decoration, Decor

The paper flags in the trees would be a neat decoration to leave up from September through Christmas and sharing a meal out on the grass (again on those great cushions) sounds like a fun way to dine any time of the year (maybe even for Thanksgiving?).

Pumpkin Brunch, October, November, Orange, Breakfast, Party, Decoration, Decor

Ahhh sweet fall inspiration. Isn’t this the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning in November?

Where Do You Keep Your Forks?

This might be the OCD in me but before the big transfer of kitchen supplies from our old kitchen to our new kitchen, I’ve been drawing out little diagrams on how to fit and cajole our entire pantry, bins of baking supplies and cabinets of pots and pans into the new space.

Our current kitchen is teeny and up until recently I’ve been storing the rarely-used tools in the garage. Even so, our countertops now are often over crowded with every gadget that we actually do use on a regular basis, such as the blender, crock pot, toaster oven and coffee maker (those 1930’s cabinets are so shallow even storing a blender in them was out of the question).

And then of course there’s the magic ‘kitchen triangle’ that every kitchen planner recommends for creating a conducive cooking space – your most frequently used kitchen areas (aka the fridge, sink and stove) should fit the points of a triangle with as close to equal sides as possible.

Kitchen Organization, Kitchen Triangle

That’s an early rending (before we changed the counters a bit) above showing our new kitchen layout.

Maybe it’s because I’m over-the-moon excited to move into the new space (even though we have the backsplash to grout, the appliances to install, etc) but the anxiety of filling each and every cabinet and drawer with the right tool in the right location leaves me with this layout:

Kitchen organization, storing

One day we hope to add a pantry to the opposite wall (past the windows), but until then we’ll be skimming down our bags of flour, cans of soup and bottles of olive oil so that all can fit easily on two cabinet shelves and in two roll-out drawers.

And for island storage:

Kitchen Organization

So that’s the plan that I’m sitting on now. Meanwhile my dishwasher is working non-stop as I rewash every utensil and cup before it finds a home in it’s new location.

But I’m curious to know – do you have any more tips for me? Do you line your cabinets with contact paper or rubber mats? Do you swear by any sort of drawer inserts for organization? And where do you keep your forks in relation to everything else?

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