Friday Guest Blog Interview: Brooklyn Limestone

If you spend your spare moments reading wonderful diy/home renovation blogs then surely you’ve heard of today’s guest blogger. But even if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat!

I began following Mrs. Limestone (the creative genius behind a beautifully & serenely decorated – you guessed it – limestone in the heart of Brooklyn) a while back and was thrilled when she offered to share a bit of her experience and suggestions today.

Her before & afters are stunning and her daily posts – be it about travel, photography, projects or inspiration – are all a joy to read. The true heart of the blog lies in the hard work and creative sweat that goes into transforming a 100-year-old house into a beautiful home. Be sure to check out those before & after photos on the site!

Here’s a look at the master bedroom. A pretty talented lady, right?

Stefanie answers the four PDB interview questions (with a few peaks inside her home) just after the jump!…

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Favorite Fabrics: Calico Corners

I owe a big thank you to my fabric sponsor for the Stylish Spaces Interior Design Expo and TV appearance – Calico Corners provided the beautiful fabrics you’ll see over the next few weeks as I get a chance to post these projects and their easy step-by-step directions. ($20 coupon link at the end of this post!)

Projects included updating an old wooden headboard into a beautiful upholstered version, covering several lampshades, creating fun canvas boards, building a magnetic wall board (from an old dresser mirror) covered in a chic aviary print, covering chinese paper lanterns to really ‘spice up’ a party theme, simple diy night lights, using fabric for matting b&w pictures, lining an Expedit Ikea bookcase (this idea is so quick and easy for any bookshelf…) and a few more!

Calico Corner prints are modern, trendy and so fun to sort through to find the perfect look. I have had a wonderful time building quick and easy fabric projects out of the vast online selection and since my expo theme was a ‘design on a dime’ version of how to update your space, I knew that featuring home remodel ideas that involved small amounts of fabric (usually just 1/4 to 1 yard of fabric) was the perfect solution.

Here’s a quick link to a $20 off coupon from Calico Corners to get you started. To find the store nearest you (or order online – that’s the easiest for me!) plug in your zip code on this page.

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