Friday Guest Blog Interview: One Pretty Thing!

I am always impressed with the fun ideas and inspiration that One Pretty Thing has to share on a daily basis! Rachel scours over 4,000 (yes, 4,000!) craft forums, blogs and sites each week to pull together the best tutorials and DIY projects from around the internet.

Each morning she posts a roundup of her favorites, in the afternoon a compilation of DIY projects from the blogosphere and on the weekends reader projects from OPT’s Flickr community. There is never a shortage of crafty inspiration!

Rachel began the site after searching for an all-in-one blog that shared links to many different tutorials. Her solution was an easy to search and navigate site – Rachel has sorted out various projects by category and holiday so you’re always bound to find something to fit your style or theme.

Pepper has been fortunate enough to have a few projects shared on the site. It’s always an honor to be featured with such wonderful crafters (plus Rachel’s the sweetest! You’ve never met a kinder blogger). Now to get to know Rachel and OPT a bit more… let’s dive right into the interview and images! …

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Three New Style Boards

It’s been a bit drearier than usual in San Diego lately. Overnight our weather has gone from beautiful, sunny skies to cold, overcast weather with the occasional raindrops. This week’s three style board additions are inspired by this slow change into fall! Check out all of the boards here.

October weather is a perfect launch into cooler temperatures. We start to bring out our big chunky sweaters (though we can still get away with pairing them with leggings and flats) and begin to pack up the sundresses and shorts. As you can probably tell from above, I’m loving oxfords, silky soft blouses and lots of layers at the moment!

Just in case you missed the launch of this new addition last week, I’ve added a little pink “Wardrobe” button in the left sidebar for easy access to a growing number of style inspiration boards (including sources & pricing for all of the looks). The slideshow to the right links directly as well.

Hope October is treating you well, wherever you’re located!

Week 3 of the New Kitchen: Walls, Floors & Doors!

The kitchen is cooking along at a quick clip. Week 3 of the renovation was all about the walls, floors and doors and the empty den is beginning to feel like a family cooking space (here’s a quick look at the before pictures & inspiration board.)

Day’s 13-19 of work began where week 1 and week 2 left off. First up was patching the spaces between the new hardibacker on the walls and ceiling, Kevin added a slight texture to match the original lathe & plaster design:

Day 15 took a little break from the walls and focused on the doors. A while back we ordered extra quarts of our cabinet stain for details such as the new doors and molding in the kitchen, and this was the day the installed doors were popped off of their tracks for a quick coat of paint and sealer. And as soon as they were dry, the doors were added back to the tracks and the Spanish-style hardware was added.

Next came a layout of the future floor plan. Kevin unpacked our delivered cabinets and began installing a base plywood that would prop up the cabinets to the appropriate height to stay even with the new tile. This was a power day! In addition to the floors, the walls received a fresh coat of primer and the ceilings were painted a clean white.

And then it was time to tile. It was a tough decision to tile over such beautiful wood floors but a few original beams and floorboards facing the wrong direction helped to make the decision to cover up the restorable areas easier. Ah it’s such a shame – here’s a close up of one such corner in the room:

Over the past 80 years the original wood floors had begun to warp and dip, so the wood also received a covering of hardibacker as an additional sub-floor under the tile.

Day 18 & 19 involved tile, tile and more tile! We chose a slate-colored porcelain and ordered it in a 12×24″ subway size for a modern spin on the room. Kevin stacked the tile in a brick pattern and finished the floor in just two days.

And here’s where we are now! The cabinets are in their place but need to be secured and the uppers are in the process of being hung! Four weeks down and 19 hard days of work later… and we’re just a few steps from a finished kitchen.

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