Friday Guest Blog Interview: Thrifty Decor Chick

I’m always inspired by today’s guest blog – whether it’s a $3 Goodwill makeover or a handmade mirror, Sarah makes thrifty DIY decor look so easy. Her blog, Thrifty Decor Chick shares everyday finds and the how-to for transforming them into your favorite Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma look-alikes.

Loving this recent transformation of an old clock into a cloche:

Every post is inspiring! Whether Sarah is redoing an old desk, updating a lamp or putting up molding I love watching her projects and then learning how much she spent. After catching up with her posts each week, I’m always feeling a tad bit too guilty for that recent West Elm splurge when I should have been able to create {with much patience} the same look for just a few dollars {ha! lesson learned}.

So let’s jump out to the interview – and PDB’s four quick design questions – and learn more about Sarah, about her blog and what inspires her. You won’t be disappointed! {For more great Guest Blog Interviews, check out this link.}…

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Last Day to Enter Lumnique *Giveaway*

On Monday I shared about my new favorite candle company and how it is offering two of it’s custom made candles to a lucky winner. I had the chance to try out Lumnique first hand when they sent over a cider candle – delicious! Thursday night we had a house full of friends for a Cocktails, Appetizers and Board Game night and the long lasting candle was a sweet and cozy addition. {Plus, Lumnique ships in these gorgeous black boxes that are so sturdy I’m pretty sure it deserves a coat of paint and a location on my bookshelf.}

Today’s the last day to enter the giveaway, jump over to Monday’s post to comment.

Favorite Fabric: StaceAge

So here’s an online blast from the past with a little bit of everything… but what I’m loving most is their fabric selection!

It’s so retro it’s modern, if you know what I mean. These patterned, damask, deerhead, ikat, floral options are all awesome. I’m pretty sure the Mission Statement of StaceAge sums it up:

With a selection of fabric, furs, leather, trims, rugs and wallpaper to choose from it’s a neat store to just bop around in and browse.

For more great Favorite Fabrics check out this link or click the little ‘Browse Favorite Fabrics’ button in the lower right hand sidebar.

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