Whirl It, Twirl It Custom Lampshade

This is such a clever project! Pickles made this diy lampshade for her dining room with a single bulb pendant – and it turned out great! I would love to create one of these for my office, or a series of smaller versions for an outdoor party.

Who knew that a giant balloon, wallpaper glue, yarn and vaseline could create this?

I’m back from my beautiful week in Canada and it feels like the projects are taking over… but it’s good to be home and back to work with so much to do! We break ground on the kitchen renovation soon – very excited to get moving on this one.

Diy instructions for the Whirl-It Lampshade found here.

Favorite Trend: Pops of Yellow

One of those home decor secrets that I continue to love is incorporating unexpected splashes of contrasting color into a space. It’s a great way to decorate for the season {try a pastel pink for the spring and switch it out for a cranberry red in the fall} and keeps a room looking young and contemporary.

One of my favorite pops of color right now is yellow. It looks terrific when paired with navy and I love the brightness it brings to a gray space.

The soft yellow desk in this next image keeps this room light and fresh – it’s a beautiful compliment to the powder blue walls and cobalt accents!

Those yellow doors are bold… but fantastic! And I love the bright yellow waste basket peaking out from under the sink of the bathroom on the left.

Incorporating a contrasting color will immediately liven up your space, whether you choose an easy-to-change-out throw pillow or decide to go all in in with a fresh coat of paint on furniture, you won’t regret the new look!

Images: Nuestra Vida Dolce via 6th Street Design Blog, DecorPad, Elle Decor, Lonny via 6th Street Design School, black.white.yellow.

The Search is On: A Rug for the Bedroom

We’re in Canada this week as my hubby, his brothers & dad bike from Calgary to Vancouver. What a trip! I’m tagging along for the first week in the sag wagon exploring the landscape, national parks and mountain towns while they work oh so hard. Here we are at Lake Louise (can you see that little belly? It came out of no where) in Banff National Park.

But back to the master bedroom decorI was pretty sold on the bogart flat weave brown and white rug from Garnet Hill for the bedroom but have been searching for alternatives that might be kinder to the overall budget.

That’s when I came across a similar woven rug on Overstock for a mere $136, saving me a whopping $142 bones. Plus it was only $2.95 to ship.

So that makes two inspiration board items down – a handmade fabric headboard for our queen sized bed and a delicious brown rug for the floor.

Here’s a quick look at my overall search, and just in case you’re in the market for a brown patterned rug any time soon, a list of sources just below.

Prices are listed for 5×8 rugs, left to right:
Three rugs by Calypso ($275-$650)
Zebra print by Ballard Design ($250)
West Elm Andalusia ($229)
Urban Outfitters ($68)
Ikea Gedser ($249)
SellerBy.com & Burke Decor ($270)
DwellStudio by Target Perch Rug ($139)

And a big thanks to Beth who commented recently on Suzanne Kasler’s new line of sunburst mirrors over at Ballard Designs and the great selection available at HomeGoods – these stores both make great additions to the sunburst line up.

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