Making Some Headway on the Master Bedroom

So the living room might not be completely finished (I still have one or two pictures to hang and a bit of bookshelf organizing to complete) but I can’t help but get distracted by our darn bedroom.

We’ve made significant progress so far on a room that needed much love. As of now the walls are a serene beige, the burgundy carpet is gone to reveal 1930’s wood floors and the furniture is all but picked out and loaded with clothing. But on the decor end… there is much to be desired.

Let’s start at the beginning:

There she is right before we moved in. All of the above furniture belongs to the previous owner and we have since gotten rid of those metal grates on the windows as well as the vinyl shades.

Yes, that’s a bathroom in that top picture. I wouldn’t call it a master bath, per se, but we’re attempting to make do with what we’ve got (currently it’s known as the ‘man bath’ since I hardly have the elbow room to blow dry the hair let alone spread the morning make-up all about). Here’s the other full bath in the house that we recently updated. We have big plans on building another bathroom for guests and connecting the current full bath (to be remodeled…) with the master bedroom – but that’s on the schedule for this fall.

Until then, let the bedroom decorating begin!

{All Knotted Up} A Colorful Bridal Shower

This shower is full of so many fun ideas I don’t know where to start. But what I love most is that it’s a shower completely inspired by and dedicated to knitting – and a wonderful, colorful example of how you can showcase yours (or your bride-to-be’s) hobbies and talents to use as a personalized party theme.

City Cradle Design put together this beautiful spread using yarn and knots for nearly every detail – from the custom table backdrop to the centerpieces to adorable L-O-V-E letters. My favorite is the handmade chandelier fashioned from yarn balls and ribbon!

Inspiration from the creators: “Knotted in love was the name we gave to a recent bridal shower celebrating the bond of love that is leading the couple into marriage. We took cues in designing the shower from knotted yarn and created a homespun afternoon to celebrate a lovely new marriage.”

Images from Style Me Pretty with many more to check out if you jump on over.

Comfy Couches, Killer Prices

Having a big, over-stuffed couch in the living room was number one on the must-have list. We looked and looked and looked – but finding something that is both functional, long lasting, wallet-friendly and attractive is much harder than we ever anticipated.

In the end we settled on a sectional that would float in the middle of the living room. Something large enough to comfortably fit 6 or 7 bodies crowded around a board game or a few overnight guests. We found the above in chocolate (better at hiding stains?) with it’s sleek wooden base and modified microfiber cushions (extra soft but easy to clean up) at a reasonable price after a family La-Z-Boy discount (we have an in-house designer Aunt in Denver that helped to make it happen). Don’t worry, we’ve changed out the throw pillows!

BUT a few months later I stumbled upon this post by Young House Love and couldn’t believe this amazing find…

Custom Sofa Design has nearly 200 Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Crate & Barrel look-a-likes, and the best part is they range from $500 to $700! Amazing, right!? I had to share this great secret… hope someone might be in the market!

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