Favorite Fabric: StaceAge

So here’s an online blast from the past with a little bit of everything… but what I’m loving most is their fabric selection!

It’s so retro it’s modern, if you know what I mean. These patterned, damask, deerhead, ikat, floral options are all awesome. I’m pretty sure the Mission Statement of StaceAge sums it up:

With a selection of fabric, furs, leather, trims, rugs and wallpaper to choose from it’s a neat store to just bop around in and browse.

For more great Favorite Fabrics check out this link or click the little ‘Browse Favorite Fabrics’ button in the lower right hand sidebar.

Soft Pastels: the Life of the Party

A bit of August party inspiration coming your way… pinks, corals & oranges make the perfect backdrop for a shower or tea party and I LOVE love the upside down poms (turned flowers) hanging over the top of this table. How creative! Can you imagine sitting beneath with the flower blooms swinging gently above?

Oh sweet summer nights.

Bouganvilla, sweet peas, garden roses and boxes of ripe peaches make the perfect centerpiece. Handmade soap {scented similarly?} wrapped in scrapbooking paper works well for a great favor. I love the simple menus and the floral napkins (so easy to diy) – pictured very top.

And here’s another option with plenty of peonies in birch vases – how delicious does that grapefruit mimosa look? Details such as the drink tags help to personalize a bigger party.

Hope you have a few reasons to throw some fun summer celebrations before fall finds us! Images from A Diary of Lovely.

Ethel’s First Egg!

You can’t believe how overjoyed and excited we were to learn that the FIRST of our brood has laid an egg. We were beginning to wonder if we’ve been doing something wrong… ever since we built the coop and picked up our ladies from an out-of-town farmer, we’ve excitedly checked the nesting box morning and night.

Well two months later (almost to the day) Ethel has made us proud with her very first egg!

But you might notice that something isn’t right… no, I think Ethel has learned her laying lesson: do not attempt to nest while dangling from the roosting pole (several feet from the ground).

Ethel examines just to make sure. Good thing she doesn’t have any experience in this yet, maybe she doesn’t know that she broke it.

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