Personalized Gifts for the Grandparents

Kevin and I had fun coming up with a creative way to share the big news with our family. We decided something personal would be extra special and I made onesies for each of our parents out of iron-on screen transfers and singlets from Target. It was a simple and fun way to share the surprise – but I know each member of the family loved their own onesie and is looking forward to a future grandchild to fill it!

At top, we have my step Dad who is excited to bring a ‘Future Trojan’ into the mix (I graduated from USC), my Mom who owns her own martial arts studio loved her ‘Sifu-Ma’ (Sifu is a term in Gung Fu and a play on Grandma) onesie. My Dad was behind the camera and we missed a shot of the ‘Future Traveler’ onesie.

We celebrated the big announcement with my in-laws while at a family graduation. Here is my wonderful mother-in-law with her ‘Future Michelangelo’ onesie (she’s a fabulous artist), and my father-in-law with his Tour de France’ outfit (a big biker).

We also presented them each with a little visual… I created a postcard-sized note in photoshop with an early sonogram image and a description of what was developing at that moment with their little grandchild.

It was a wonderful way to share the good news!

A New Shade for Our Living Room {+ Discount}

I have always loved a patterned lampshade and I’ve been keeping my eye out for a fabric that would work well with the new living room design. In the past I’ve recovered a few shades for the bedroom and else where and I thought this trick might work well for this room too.

But then I discovered Jeanne McGee, a fabulous etsy artist that hand stamps her own fabric and creates beautiful lampshades from scratch (discount at the end of the post). When I saw this basic but classy print I knew it would be the perfect addition. Not too colorful (I redid this coffee table-to-ottoman in a very colorful print for the room already), not too over powering but definitely complimentary to the feel of the space:

Jeanne and I worked together to find a color that would blend well with the different neutrals in the room:

The finished fabric is beautiful! I’m so impressed with Jeanne’s talent in creating her own prints.

I asked about her process and she let me in on the secret, which essentially starts with a hand carved woodblock or stamp, white or off-white linen fabric or paper, and colorful ink:

Above is the poppy stamp in it’s original form. Below is an example of the ink transfer to the fabric (you can see the stamps all inked up and ready to go in the top image and the finished fabric right below):

After the paper or fabric has dried, Jeanne adheres styrene to the paper or fabric and begins the process of glueing the paper to the lampshade wire frame. This is done by carefully rolling the fabric over the wire and finishing the edges.

When the lampshades are finished, they look like this!

For more shades and handmade garland, check out Jeanne’s shop. I’m excited to share that Jeanne has joined on as a sponsor as well – you can jump out to her site at any time by clicking her lampshade ad to the left. Take advantage of a limited time discount for 20% off by mentioning ‘PDB’ in your Etsy order!

I’m adding my new shade to the living room and can’t wait to share the pictures! Here’s a sneak peek:

Grow, Baby, Grow!

I have some big news to share! Much celebrating has been going on over here at the casa as we finally break ground on the new kitchen, finish up decorating a few of the main rooms in the house… and begin excitedly preparing for Baby S!

Remember a while back during our 3rd anniversary post that I casually mentioned getting ready for the next big surprise in our life? I was trying so hard not to spill the beans… but our big surprise is on it’s way!

Here’s my month-by-month photoshoot of the growing belly (month 2 leaves me looking for a sign of something… anything…) but it wasn’t until month three that the growing grapefruit (actual size, so I read) decided to make a little appearance. We thought it might be fun to chronicle the changes of a nine month adventure and so I purchased this pair of maternity jeans and an extra-stretchy black top early on. Here’s hoping I still fit in them by month nine?? We take photo number four this week!

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