A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Creepy Crawly Spider Brownie Bites

Spider Brownie Bites PNG

Remember those candied sugar brownie bites from the Colorful Brownie Pop How-To? With a bit of a spin on the traditional {and a few licorice wheels!} these creepy crawly brownie bites would make one quick & spooky alternative.

At Home with Kim Vallee featured these yummy treats from PaulaDeen.com, who showcases Bakerella’s brownie pop recipe for the bites — check out this one or give my brownie bites decorating tips a whirl. YUM!

Spider decorations: milk/dark chocolate candy melts (for coating — follow double boiler directions from Brownie Pop How-To), black licorice wheels (legs), raspberry gum drops (or M&Ms for eyes), white sprinkles (fangs), black or brown nonpareils (round sprinkles for top of spider).

Textiles as Wall Art: Adding Patterns to Your Space

Textile Wall Art & Framed Fabrics

If you’ve been following this blog for a bit now, you’ve noticed that incorporating patterns into a room is a design essential that I love, and love finding creative ways to achieve. It’s that secret edge that makes a room feel pulled together — and for me, there is nothing more inviting & appealing than a print that provides a focal interest point for a room.

Textile Wall Art & Framed Fabric 2

Framing textiles from exotic vacations (think saris and brightly colored tablecloths), scrap remnants (reusing old curtains or salvaging a beautiful cut from a sweater with bleach stains) or flea market finds (silk scarves, lace doilies and upholstery scraps) are excellent ways to incorporate prints into your space.

A simple wood or metal frame elevates the item — molding is another great way to border a print (see below). Applying a hem to unfinished fabric and hanging from a curtain rod behind a bed or sofa is another tried-and-true method of showing off finds that otherwise might be gathering dust at the bottom of a linen closet.

Textile Wall Art & Framed Fabrics 3

Images above: Framed ikat from The Style Files, pink vintage fabric on Country Living, a bold tribal print found at Sara Says Awesome, framed scarves with wall photos from Apartment Therapy, fabric art from Apartment Therapy, and finally a print from House to Home featured at Apartment Therapy.

Follow the jump for a quick How-To on canvasing fabric and for more great ways to frame your prints (quilting circles, anyone?). Continue reading

Le Poppy Designs: Party in a Pack!

Le Poppy Designs: Party in a Pack!

I just found such a great Etsy site: Le Poppy Designs. If you love the wonderful {real parties} thrown by super-creative moms but just don’t have the time… maybe a Party in a Pack is just what you need! I think this is so genius — everything you need to have a stylish, fun event for your little one.

Le Poppy Designs: Party in a Pack 2

Had to share once I found it, it was too good to be true! The above cupcake toppers? $6. Outsourcing all of the little details means throwing a terrific party and saving a bit of sanity! And if you love making paper creations yourself, head on over to the Etsy site for great inspiration.

Le Poppy Designs: Party in a Pack 3!

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