A Most *Perfect* Winter Wonderland Dessert Bar

Winter Wonderland White Dessert Bar

This… is… magical. What a lovely winter white dessert buffet to share with family and friends for a party this season.

Winter Wonderland Dessert Bar Inspiration 2 White

The Lollipop Ladies do it again with a most delicate and dreamy inspiration piece – I’m head over heels. What can I possibly conjure up as a reason to replicate this snowy wonderland?…

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Our Little Labor of Love… Begins Here


Soooo…. this is our little nest. There’s something so special about your first home and all of the memories to be made.

And then there’s something special about old homes. They smell of wilted wood and dust, creak loudly when you walk and store dirt decades old in the grout of the kitchen tile or corners of your crown molding. But now (thank goodness) I love old homes. The history they keep, the stories they tell – it’s all a matter of embracing the cracked basket weave tile and imagining what potential lies ahead.

Back to that piece about an old home though. The true glory of our new casa lies in the following pictures because we *happily* have our work cut out for us.


Here is the kitchen and den. Love the colors? Me too (*wink). Did you know they made turquoise formica and matching window shades? Me neither….

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The House Hunt is On…


As we continue to fix up our little Spanish casa piece by piece, I thought I might take a quick moment to catch everyone up to how we got to where we are today. It all begin just two years ago with a keen interest in owning our own little piece of property. I had recently become obsessed with a little nook in San Diego known as Kensington because it reminded me very much of the streets I’d like to one day raise my children on.


Kensington is a charming neighborhood with a teeny tiny downtown that houses a one-room theater, two coffee shops, a little library, small park and perhaps a half dozen skin and hair salons. It’s surrounded on three sides by San Diego canyon, allowing for a gentle ocean breeze just about any time of the year, despite the fact that it’s ten miles or so from the shores. The canyon helps to keep the spirit of the community protected and isolated from much of the rest of sprawling San Diego as well.


Kensington’s street’s are lined with palm trees and the homes are little renovated nests that replicate, for the most part, their 1930’s architectural counterparts. We were on the hunt for one such renovation project — the worst house on the best block, if you will. Take a look at three of our contenders……

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