A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Delicious Recipe: Savoy Cabbage Pasta

Sweet Paul: Cabbage Pasta

Our group of friends love to eat — we love to sit around a big table with plenty of wine and delicious food, and well, enjoy. More and more often we find reasons to get together for appetizers on this night, a dinner party on that night… a BBQ for the weekend. It’s wonderful! After all, it’s these little gatherings that make us laugh, appreciate, and more often than not, pull us through the more difficult and drab moments of the week.

I would classify my husband and I as being more on the random, led-by-our-tastebuds team of cooks (as opposed to the follow-the-recipe sort) and we have learned over the years how to kick out a mean pasta for such impromptu visits. I used to put all pastas in the same little file in my mind: the pasta + red sauce + ground beef (ehhh) file, that I refused to touch. But a few years ago I became ‘enlightened’ to the fabulous world of well-done Italian. AND it’s quick, cheap (at least cheaper than the lamb we made the other night) and if done right, Molto Bene!

So when I came across Sweet Paul, I found this Savoy Cabbage Pasta recipe to be very similar to something we would whip up for a quick meal with friends. If braised leeks, roasted beets and wilted bok choy don’t ring a pasta bell for you — cabbage is an excellent place to start! Oh, and don’t forget the wine. :) Continue reading

Fabric of the Day: Dolce by Grand Revival

Dolce by Grand Revival

Today’s Fabric of the Day is actually fabrics of the day because Grand Revival’s new line of chic home-spun patterns is great enough to bundle into one little post… It’s a bit of a teaser though, I must admit, because the Dolce line is actually set to be released in Fall 2009 (we’re there, but not quite there!). BUT you can pre-order at Fat Quarter Shop. I’d love to see a little girl’s room done in a patchwork/hodge-podge of these prints!

Grand Revival was founded by the very creative Tanya (who is an American fabric designer currently residing in Belgium) and is now on it’s fifth collection! Check out her blog too, where she shares the joys of patterns, sewing and living abroad. You can also find more creative uses for her fabrics (bag patterns, table runners and the like) with great close-up pictures posted at the blog.

Friday Guest Blog Interview: The Lollipop Girls!

Lollipop Guest Interview

These girls are fabulously innovative with that {effortlessly glam} appeal that keeps you coming back for more great ideas. Their company, Lollipop Events & Designs, offers delightfully original decor solutions and their blog is fantastic!

I love the way that subtle nuances of everyday inspiration — such as the typography of a vintage poster or the bold patterns of fashion week — leave a tangible impact on their beautifully styled events (more on that in the interview). While you can just imagine the work and talent that lies behind the prep and creation of each of their celebrations, each and every one comes off as blissfully uncomplicated and fantastically chic. Their inspiration is accessible to the everyday designer, and that’s why they make an excellent addition to the Friday blog series!

Lollipop 3

“We transform fanciful ideas into original, fresh and innovative design concepts. We fold in custom illustrations, handmade décor, high-fashion fabrics and imaginative floral designs.” Oh need I say more? {swoon} Follow the link to read the interview and for excellent eye-candy. Continue reading

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