Favorite Trend: Black & Chalkboard Accent Walls

What are your thoughts on black walls? I think they’re kinda cool. An accent wall here or there in a strong color can really make a room pop, and an entirely black room can give the illusion of a larger, open space (it doesn’t really make a room smaller as most people assume) while still exuding that intimate atmosphere.

My favorite technique is painting your accent wall with chalkboard paint for instant creativity! Now the grocery list, kid’s artwork and favorite quotes can be displayed for all to see (and erased as quickly as it went up).

What do you think? Would you ever paint a wall or room black?

A black wall helps artwork and wall collages to prominently stand out:

And can bring a sophisticated coziness to a small den:

Chalkboard walls are my favorite in the kitchen and bedroom. Choosing a pop of color (like turquoise) helps balance the darker background.

Keep in mind there are many different types of black so before you grab the nearest pitch black gallon of paint, determine if your room would benefit from a blue-black, deep midnight color or dark gray. You’re best bet is a matte – avoid the glossies.

If you’re not a black-wall-type-of-person, not to worry – but if you are, there are four more delicious examples after the jump! Plus credits for all of the images….

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Exciting News! Come Visit at the SD Design Expo

I’m so excited to share with you all that I’ve been asked to participate as a speaker for San Diego’s upcoming StylishSpaces Interior Design & Outdoor Living Expo, a production hosted by Seascape Spaces and featured here. The event will be hosted at the San Diego convention center on May 22 and 23.

With a lineup that includes HGTV stars and celebrity chef speakers, I hope to humbly keep up with the all-star cast by sharing a few of my own interior design tips & tricks.

My presentation revolves around fabulous ways to use small amounts of beautiful fabric to add life and style to any space, and boy have I been busy these past few weeks pulling fabric projects together that include an upholstered headboard, lampshades, rugs, lined bookcases, tablecloths, and the list goes on…

Here’s a quick snapshot from the website of a few of the speakers for Sunday, May 23rd:

If you’re in the area, I would be beyond thrilled to have you join me for this exciting event. I’ll be presenting at 1:30 on Sunday, May 23, however amazing speakers and inspiring exhibits/vignettes will be sharing all weekend long.

If you’d like to visit, drop me a line at: morgan@pepperdesignblog.com for a free pair of tickets to the show (a $14 value). I have about 30 tickets available and I’ll mail them out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thank you for all of your support, you guys are the best.

Guest Blogging Over at Simply Modern Mom

Tiffany over at Simply Modern Mom asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing a few tips and tricks for simplifying the planning process of a party. I was more than delighted to take part in her week of party hosting posts!

Check out the guest blog and my three tips here.

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