Sledge Hammer Stories: Out with the Outdoor Room

Outdoor Room Before - Backyard, Home Makeover & Renovating

Once upon a time… there existed a makeshift home addition known affectionately as the “Outdoor Room”. This little room had four wood paneled walls, plenty of windows and, um, well-used blue berber rug.

Backyard Rennovation, DIY Outdoor Room

Upon purchasing our casita we knew our outdoor room needed to be at the top of the Honey-Do list. There was so very much to do though that it eventually fell somewhere between fix plumbing, re-wire knob & tube electrical and replace bathroom. Whew! Our list was starting to get long… But then one sweet summer day (pre all of the above list items), we decided to get moving on our new outdoor space… and visions of bbqing, sipping red wine and laughing with friends around a sweet outdoor fireplace began dancing through our minds.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer evening… and so the project was on.

Before we could design the perfect space, however, some major sweat was involved in tearing down the entire room (this is where the sledge hammer comes in), ripping up hundreds of bricks & slabs of cement, and clearing much backyard space. BUT… this is sort of what we had in mind when it would be finished:

DIY Backyard Inspiration Board

Stay tuned! And if you really love home makeover projects, wait until tomorrow’s Friday Guest Blog by Young House Love – a neat play-by-play of a terrific home renovation by two crafty twenty-something-year-olds. I found this awesome blog while searching for like-minded posts to learn from… and it’s been an invaluable resource!

Adventures in Thailand… Part 2


Oh the stories behind Chiang Mai! If you’re just visiting this little series… hop on over to the ‘Travel Adventures’ tag (at the bottom of this post) to see our trekking journey across the beautiful countries of Australia, New Zealand and Thailand from start to finish.

If you’ve followed for a bit, welcome back to Thailand! While exploring the rural north country, and specifically areas around Chiang Dao (which is an even more rural version of Chiang Mai), we had the opportunity to: ride elephants, take a lazy river trip by bamboo raft, crawl through 12″ crevices in a local cave, hike through six hill tribe villages and spend the night high on a mountain in a little woven hut.

*Jump on over to PDB’s Facebook page to watch two quick videos from our elephant camp adventures*

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*The Perfect Pinwheel Party*


Love the popular pinwheel theme that we’re seeing more and more of? Me too! Here are a few inspiration boards to get the wheels turning…

Plus a LOVELY offer from the artist behind Cupcake Social for 20% off (not including bulk or handmade items). The adorable pinwheel cupcake topper (above) and school/spring themed versions -my favorite!- (after the jump) are her designs! Just be sure to enter ‘HOLIDAY’ at checkout. Thanks Cupcake Social!


There are too many great ideas out there… and the best part of a pinwheel themed event is that it’s as diy as you’d like to make it! From paper projects to fabric banners we have a full list of Etsy artist resources on the next page that WON’T break the budget.

Don’t stop now… check out three more pinwheel inspiration boards full of oh-so clever ideas.

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