Friday Guest Blog Interview: Full House!

Pepper Design Blog Guest Interview: Full House

I’m delighted to bring you Pepper’s featured guest blog interview this week… Christina of Full House!

It’s such a pleasure to host Christina for an interview after having the privilege of ‘peeking’ into her design & family world on a regular reading basis (she’s one of my favorite rss feeds). Christina writes a heartfelt, soulful blog on the daily happiness of her family as well as the conquers of her house decorating quest. She is lucky enough to have a full house indeed — Christina’s includes a set of twin girls and triplet boys! If you’ve ever played poker or yahtzee, then you can appreciate the fortitude of this particular ‘roll in the game of life’.

I know that after reading Christina’s wonderful interview {and viewing her hand-picked images that represent her style} you’ll be a regular follower as well.

Viva Full House Interview - Family

Full House is inspiring to me because it is truly written from the heart and is often encouraged by life’s daily grind. Everyday happenings influence full blown, beautiful home decor inspiration! Christina often showcases very glam rooms — but replicates the ideas on a budget that all of us can appreciate. Check out her DIY geometric whiteboard and felt lampshade inspiration, just two examples that I loved so much I had to post about them!

Visit her blog for DIY designs such as her paper sunburst mirrors (below). Swoon.

Full House Interview - Design

What’s more, Christina is seriously chic — you’ve never seen such a posh mommy of 5 little ones (did you see the amazing family photo above?). I have copied more than one fashion tip from this trendy lady!

I’m going to hand this interview over now so that we can jump right in as Christina shares more on her decorating style, favorite tips and what has inspired her to be the fabulous blogger she is today!

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Despite the Dreary Weather… Colorful Inspiration!

Bright Colorful Rooms

Inspired by Susan Sergant’s affection for very bright colors (this is one of her patterns above), here are a few cheery room ideas that make even the dreariest of fall days a little brighter. I am not usually so bold as to paint an entire room lime green — but I must admit I’ll be stealing more than a few of these ideas for the house!

Bright, Colorful Rooms 2

This fall, muted colors ‘pale’ in comparison to bright statement choices (I couldn’t help myself) — bold colors abound this season for the wardrobe, throughout party themes and definitely in home decor. If you’re not ready to go all in, try a few accent pieces here or there in a bright and bold hue. How great are the yellow dining room chairs in Jonathan Adler’s design (above) and the brilliantly pink foot stools (next page)?

Bright, Colorful Room Inspiration 3

Nine more inspiring rooms full of color to go! As well as accent pieces (such as bedding and throw pillows) that leave a similar — yet not so permanent — effect….

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Fabric of the Week: Susan Sargent

Favorite Fabric of the Week: Susan Sargent

I am long overdue to share one of my favorite fabrics… but I promise that this collection from Susan Sargent is worth the wait. Her gorgeous floral prints are modern with a hint of big botanical retro. I love them all! Check out her site to view the entire collection.

I’m ready to reupholster a fun sitting chair in this great patterned print! Or how about curtains for an office or a little girl’s room? This print would also make a great tablecloth or runner.

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