A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Carnations are Back!

Carnation Ball Centerpiece

Carnations really don’t deserve that bad rap they’ve been receiving all of these years… florists, party planners and brides alike frown at the idea of including carnations in centerpieces or displays (you know you’ve been there…). But really, carnations are a pretty ideal bud. They can be found in a selection of vibrant colors at almost any time of the year and are by far one of the cheaper stems on the market (probably due to that above mentioned bad rap).

Carnation Ball Centerpiece 2

Lollipop’ or ball centerpieces are one of my favorite ways to introduce carnations into modern tablescapes. By using floral foam, you can take advantage of a carnation’s full foliage by clipping them short and placing them tightly together to form a floral structure. I love this with wreaths, half circles and full balls. When placed a top risers, it creates a stunning effect.

Carnation Ball 3

Here is the How-To for creating your own lollipop centerpiece as pictured in the Colorful Candy Buffet posting from last week. Follow the jump! Continue reading

Friday Guest Blog Interview: Jenn of HWTM!!

Friday Guest Blog with Jenn from Hostess with the Mostess!

I must admit that when I first began this blogging adventure it was all due to the inspiration of Jenn from Hostess with the Mostess. I loved her classy, modern approach to entertaining that was very DIY, as well as her fresh & resourceful website that shares so much fabulous inspiration {REAL Parties to this day is still one of my feature favorites!}.

Hostess with the Mostess is an innovative online resource for hip, modern, and unique entertaining ideas. Jenn’s designs and inspirations for party themes are fantastic! Her work is clever, contemporary and out of the ordinary — and her blog helps you to recreate with detailed how-to’s, where-to-buy’s, tips, and advice.

You might just find Jenn on one of the pages of your favorite magazines — she has been featured in Real Simple, Family Circle, InStyle Weddings, Better Homes & Gardens, on the Martha Stewart Show {and oh so much more!} and has designed fabulous celebrity showers and parties. Jenn is truly an entertaining expert!

Guest Blog Interview: HWTM

Guest Blog Interview: HWTM 2

So it’s only fitting that this incredible and well-accomplished designer be one of our featured Friday Guest Blog Interviews, and it’s with much excitement that I share Jenn’s wonderful answers to PDB’s four questions! Continue reading

Fabric of the Week: Du Barry Velvets

Fabric of the Day: Du Barry Velvets

So I’ve changed the name of my favorite fabric show-and-tell postings to “Fabric of the Week”, which more aptly explains the purpose of sharing my favorite prints that I get so darn giddy over (old name: Fabric of the Day, despite the fact that I kept just one beautiful design posted all week!).

This week’s fabric, a rich velvet by Du Barry, is a gorgeous print that has caught my eye with it’s vibrant colors and bold texture. You want to reach out and pet the walls thats how great the fabric/wallpaper combo looks. Du Barry Velvets is part of the Spring 2009 collection over at Osborne & Little (a treasure trove of great fabrics and wallpapers to check out). I’d LOVE to reupholster a bench or settee for the end of my bed in this bright purple or fuscia — I wonder if the husband would concede.

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