Friday Guest Blog Interview: Ish & Chi!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m delighted to share a favorite blog today that encompasses all things home and fashion design. Viv, from Ish & Chi, shares her crafty know-how, decorating ideas, beautiful style and fashion favorites — and it’s wonderfully enchanting to read.

I could not introduce her better than sharing the sweetest ‘about me’ collage she assembled for her site:

Her home decorating style is classy yet casual, evoking that cozy-and-comfortable feeling while introducing just the right amount of modern patterns and prints to keep her rooms fresh and chic. You’ll love her house tour entwined with each of Viv’s answers to PDB’s four interview questions.

And so let’s jump right in, because I am thrilled to take a moment to pick Viv’s brain on some of her favorite trends, how she defines her ‘design style’ and a sneak peek at her fantastic home (where she’s put all of her fabulous creativity and style to good use!) …

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Spring Inspiration Board: Cherry Blossoms!

I’m going out on a limb here… but I love these branches so much that I’m predicting cherry blossom-themed parties and weddings to be one of the ‘it’ decoration ideas for Spring 2010. What do you think? Don’t a few branches in bloom make a beautiful inspiration piece?

I know with these images I’m won over {sigh}:

Made from curly willow and origami paper, Curbly shares a beautiful way to create your own DIY branch centerpieces. Perfect for a shower, wedding, tea party or dinner with friends.

And to complete the perfect party, how does a cool and refreshing blossom iced tea, rhubarb martini or rose champagne sound? Yes please!

The perfect drinks for a cherry blossom celebration:

The adorable pink sugar cube recipe (in blossom shapes) can be found here. More lovely images from Martha:

Hello Naomi designed beautiful cherry blossom cupcakes that match this theme perfectly (bottom left image above).

I’m so very inspired by branches – they remain a staple with most of my decorating and cherry blossoms have just moved to the top of my list. I wish they were a bit easier to get a hold of though… if anyone has any good resources, do share!

Rooms Inspired by the Month of March

For as long as I can remember I have always associated the month of March with shades of purple… odd, no? If you asked me to describe March I would use ‘eggplant’ and ‘plum’ in my summary. I think it was a memory association game I must have used as a child to help me remember the months of the year and days of the week (for example, in my mind Monday is red and Wednesday is yellow – and I have no idea why).

Anyhow, March is upon us and the first buds of spring are beginning to peek through all around. It’s fresh and enlivening! Just like the color purple.

Back in April I discovered designer Angie Hranowsky while perusing one of my favorite blogs, Ish and Chi (not to worry – soon to be featured as part of PDB’s Friday Interview series).

And guess what? Her entire house exudes shades of lavender, aubergine and violet in the classiest and cleanest of ways.

How beautiful!

Need a bit more inspiration in the lilac realm? Here are a few more rooms to bring out the spring in your home (the last being one of my favorites). …

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