Adventures in Australia… Part 3


Happy New Year! Wishing you a lovely start of 2010 from Thailand where we just arrived today. Oh my, the time has flown by so quickly!

Our New Year’s celebration was spirit-filled and lively in Wellington, New Zealand where we rang in ’10 with friends and family (by perfect coincidence, cousins were in the city at the same time). BUT before jumping ahead… here’s a quick look at our travels in Sydney…


We arrived in Sydney just a few days before Christmas and have had the opportunity to wander the beautiful botanical gardens, lazily walk sandy white beaches, wind through the rocky paths of narrow city streets, attend a ballet at the Opera House and even cuddle with a Koala (a definite to-do on my list)….

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Silver & Green New Year’s Inspiration!

Silver & Green Party New Year's Eve Inspiration

It’s almost time to chime in 2010! If you’re still searching for the perfect New Year’s Eve party inspiration, look no further than a green and silver soiree featuring your favorite left over Christmas decor and delicious lavender & mint cocktails.

Silver & Green New Year's Even Inspiration

Silver and white is an ideal palette to build on — you likely have all white dishware around the house and maybe even a few silver platters, stands, serving utensils or candle holders. Tie in a bit of green as a complimentary color and you’re set!

Silver, Lavender & Green Purple New Year's Even Inspiration

Freezing edible goodies in ice cubes is my favorite way to fancy up a favorite cocktail. You can find edible violets at a specialty super market (just be sure to call before hand to save yourself a trip) or at many high-end gardening stores (clarify that you’re looking for the organic, non-sprayed version).

More great images and ideas after the jump!…

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In with the Old! New Year’s Refurbishing Inspiration

Ruthie Sommers Refashion Before and After

I am inspired this New Years to find beauty in the old — to embrace the well-worn as well-done and honor the original craftsmanship of ‘outdated pieces’ by providing them a new lease on life. Perhaps it’s a need to downsize, or maybe it’s that I’m not ready to throw in the decorating hat even though I have accumulated more than enough furniture to fill the house.

Ruthie Sommers Before & After

Refurbishing is clearly the answer! With the unfortunate lack of space to add more ‘stuff’ — I continue my decorating adventures without having to give up previous ‘stuff’.

Ruthie Sommers (spotlighted in December) is an excellent example of a very posh interior designer who regularly scrounges through the thrift store circuit to come up with THESE incredible projects! The room at top (how perfect is that room?) is filled with this sofa (above) and this dresser (below).

Ruthie Sommers Before & After: Chest

Wow! is all I have to say to that. Follow the jump for three more refashions by Sommers….

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