Before & After: Chalkboard Frame

Chalkboard Frame Before and After DIY 2

This is an oh-so-clever idea from the very crafty b*spoke that I just love! How simple and how sweet. I’m thinking this little board would look just perfect in my kitchen, and that I might have an ideal frame lying around from a recent garage sale find…

Chalkboard Frame DIY Before & After

The quick and dirty directions:

(1) Paint your frame your favorite color
(3) Use chalkboard paint to thoroughly cover inner glass
(4) Hang and admire

Jump on over to the FULL DIY instructions here! Check in on her great tips and tricks for making this project as easy as possible. Bethany is incredibly talented and b*spoke is scheduled to be featured in an upcoming Friday Guest Blog post… stay tuned!

Adventures in Thailand… Part 1


We’ve made it to Thailand! If you’re just joining us here at PDB, please forgive the quick travel diversion from the usual decor-related posts… Kevin and I have really enjoyed sharing a bit of our 3 1/2 week adventure with you and we have just one more stop before heading home. And so here we are in Thailand!


I’ve broken Thailand into two quick posts — Bangkok and Chiang Mai — because they are SO different and there was so much to do and see in this beautiful and unique culture and land. …

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Friday Guest Blog Interview: The Party Dress!


It’s wonderful to bring the Friday Guest Interview series back after a break from the busy holidays (today is our first holiday-free Friday in a while!).

I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s very talented blogger and have been waiting oh-so patiently to share The Party Dress and Kelly’s wonderful interview! (And inspiration, because she has MUCH of itjust take a gander at the wonderful eye candy she sent over!)


The Party Dress is an entertaining inspiration site full of ideas that cover the gamut from hostessing, home decor, dressing in style and even an entire gallery on NAPKIN ideas (genius!).

Kelly founded The Party Dress ~ Inspirations from the Well-Heeled Hostess in 2009; she is also a regular contributor to Project Nursery, has a newly-opened shop on OpenSky, and just recently started a social stationary shop on called WH Hostess (the neatest shop – adorably designed invitations and the like).


Splitting her time between the fashion industry and her love for party planning, Kelly shares her wonderful ideas on a very user-friendly site; posts are divided by categories so you can easily search for the latest and greatest by topic.

Be sure to check out more pictures and Kelly’s answers to PDB’s favorite four questions (love her dine-in answer to current favorite trends!) after the jump!…

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