Dreaming Up a New Living Room…

We’re celebrating our 21st month of home ownership and that re-decorating itch is creeping up once again…

In all honesty though, it seems to be a constant in our home – in with the new ideas, out with the didn’t-we-just-change-that from six months ago. And while I can’t make drastic upgrades on such a whim, throw pillows, art and mantles have been known to make the hit list on a regular basis. I keep it as close to DIY, thrift store and Etsy as is humanly possible for the dear wallet’s sake.

Here’s what we began with nearly two years ago (taken before we moved in):

And here’s a bit of inspiration that I’m currently smitten with:

I love a soft and cozy palette of rosy reds, burnt oranges and various shades of brown. Texture is a key component as well as modern lines & patterns (keeping the 1930’s Spanish cottage new, in an older sort of way). More inspiration:

I fell in love with Amanda Peet’s home from my first issue of Domino and it’s been downhill ever since. Other sources for the above photos include DecorPad, the fabulous blog over at Isabella & Max, the latest issue at Elle Decor and this perfect suzani print from Calico Corners.

The troops pulled together and we began with a painting overhaul (white to tan might not seem like much of an overhaul, but keeping a modest, clean backdrop for the rooms was a key strategy in future decor change-ability).

In one amazing Saturday morning we had the entire living room and dining room covered, taped and painted. I am blessed with some pretty fabulous friends – a big heartfelt thank you to our team. We have a little home makeover project going on amongst the group and every few months we join forces to conquer a major project at someone’s home. On this particular day we were inside painting while the boys were out back ripping up the backyard (pretty cool, right?).

A bit of painting, quite a few DIY projects, some major Craigslist finds… and a new living room is just around the corner. Excited to show you soon!

Organizing with Expedit {and it’s pretty, too}

So I’m on the hunt for some very creative ideas with a classic {and favorite} bookcase by Ikea: the Expedit. I couldn’t believe what I found! There are some tremendously inspiring people out there with some awesome ideas for a piece that’s only $159 (and that’s for the largest size).

There are plenty of Before & Afters out there to demonstrate that with fabric, wallpaper, paint, baskets, bins… it’s the ultimate organizer.

From stacking one on top of the other as a creative room divider to lining a full wall to replicate a built-in unit, I’m pretty convinced the Expedit could hold it’s own in a craft room, dining room and kids room alike.

So great! A few more fun ideas (including an Expedit piece literally built into a studio apartment and a great design with picture frames and mirrors attached to the front) after the jump. …

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Fun Inspiration: Robot Kids Party!

Check out this super-adorable Robot Party that Chenin over at Boutwell Studio recently threw for her son’s 1st birthday.

Each detail was carefully planned for Maxfield’s special day… from the handmade paper bunting and birthday sign to the robot party garland.

In Chenin’s words: “I think my favorite project was the flower vases, which I made out of recycled glass jars and dryer ducting.  We also had a Make-Your-Own-Robot Station, where kids (and adults, it turns out….) could choose a blank paper robot and decorate him.”

“Grace from Sweet Gems made the adorable cake… We had Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots for the kids to play and each child got to take one of these paper robot boxes home, which were filled with stickers, wind up robots and Pop Rocks.”

Oh how fun! I love the theme and all of the special details… what a neat kids party this would make at any age. Thanks, Chenin!

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