A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Everyday Inspiration: DIY Geometric Whiteboard

DIY Geometric Whiteboard

Inspiration for decorating your nest can be found anywhere — it could be the the damask patterned lining of a favorite sweater that inspires the curtains in your living room, the curve of an antique mirror that is replicated in the structure of your dining room chairs, a shell found on the beach with the same opalescent sheen as a sought-after chandelier, or the geometric shape of clean lines from a magazine clipping that leads to a DIY whiteboard makeover {hint, hint — amazing DIY project of the day}.

Full House, a wonderful blog about family (a set of twins and a set of triplets!) and style (beautiful design inspiration & projects that remind me of a vintage-y Elle Decor) shares today’s everyday inspiration DIY project, which was motivated by the top left cutout from a favorite magazine.

DIY Geometric Whiteboard 2

Tools of the trade: three Ikea magnetic whiteboards, navy blue ribbon, scissors, glue. I love that the final set was hung one on top of the other in the laundry room; a very fashionable way to share with the family whether whites or darks are in the wash, the to-do list, or a fun message while they run out the door. Would love these in my kitchen or office covered with favorite clippings, quotes and pictures.

Colorful Candy Buffet!

Colorful Candy Buffet & Dessert Bar!

The colorful candy buffet was a hit — little kids and kids at heart {our adult guests} enjoyed candy and homemade sweets designed especially for the bride & groom. Our display was created for 100 guests and could easily be replicated on a smaller scale for a birthday party, dessert night or shower!

Candy Buffet 2

Brownie bites dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in candied sugar made delicious finger food desserts, and brownie pops dipped in white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles were a no-mess alternative. Cupcake stands towering with chocolate & confetti buttercream cupcakes were made by the mother of the groom, and I decorated with white sugar and gumdrops to match. Follow the jump for a {downloadable PDF} to make your own striped labels as well as a candy count How-To and more pictures! Continue reading

Sneak Peak: Colorful Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet Sneak Peak

I’m so excited about a candy buffet I just finished designing that I thought I’d post a quick sneak peak! All of the pictures with complete How-Tos will be up next week — but here’s a sample of the fun I had!

I mentioned earlier that two friends of ours are hosting a second reception in our local San Diego for guests that couldn’t travel out to the Michigan wedding. The candy buffet will serve as the dessert station for the evening instead of another formal cake — and because the celebration is centered around lawn games and other fun activities, the dessert bar had to be cheerful and bright, too!

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