A (Secret Ingredient) Fish Taco Tip

Fish Tacos: A Surprise Ingredient!

A friend of ours was just out on a fishing trip and brought back a crazy amount of Yellowtail. Fish tacos are one of my favorite dishes, especially if the fish is lightly breaded and straight out of the ocean, and so we cooked up a great dinner the other night!

Here’s a tip that I think makes for an amazing fish taco: sprinkle goat cheese instead of cotija (Mexican cheese) on top.

Fish Tacos: A Surprise Ingredient!

There is something about that creamy texture when paired with slightly fried food + fresh vegetables. Oh wow. If you don’t want to go full fledged goat, try a 50/50 with feta or cotija. This is totally an American-ized fish taco, apologies.

Here’s how I make my fish tacos (very simple): slice fresh fish into strips (roughly 3/4″ x 3/4″), dredge in flour and dip into stirred raw egg, coat in regular bread crumbs (panko is a bonus) and finally fry lightly in hot vegetable oil until cooked in the middle.

Serve with chopped lettuce (a nice alternative to cabbage), halved grape or garden tomatoes and sliced avocado. My fish taco sauce this past week was a 50/50 sour cream and mayo mix with a tiny bit of adobo. I finished it by squeezing a quarter of a lime (ish) and stirring all together.

Fish Tacos: A Surprise Ingredient!

I love both flour and corn tortillas, I usually char them right on the stove top over the flame.

Now, on to the weekend! This weekend I am cleaning out our garage so it’s set to be a wild and crazy one. Part of me is thrilled to tackle it and the other loathing the thought of it. Hope that you have a relaxing and beautiful one :) with less mess and more paper umbrella-style cocktails.

ps good eats.

pps thank you, Brooklyn Limestone, for including me in your Die Ugly Toys, Die! series, haha! Hop on over to check out the girls’ wooden play kitchen that we built from Ikea furniture to coordinate with our own kitchen, plus a bunch of other great ideas!

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 22

It is just a teensy bit embarrassing that I’m updating on our remodel after such a long lull has gone by. Summer has been a bit crazy and we had come to all but a halt on spending nights and weekends (plus dollars and subcontractors) working on the master bedroom/bathroom for a chunk of it. When you’re sorta overseeing your own project (we had an awesome contractor friend step in during the bulk of the work for the first few months but it’s back to pretty much just us), there’s a happy compromise on pushing to get something done and then also, well, breathing. Living out of our office has not been easy and there have definitely been arghhhh moments where I’ve been willing to accept almost any shortcut in exchange for progress (between work and sleep I spend at least 2/3 of my living hours in one very crowded room), but then sanity finds its way in and patience is restored. Or #somebodygotmommaacoffee.


It feels as though despite it all, we have been making serious progress.

Here’s the dirty run down:

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 7 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 8 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bathroom, Week 12 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bathroom, Week 17 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 22

I wish I had thought out these panoramic photos better – I’m using the photomerge tool in Photoshop and getting the best angle I can by squeezing myself up against the back bedroom wall, but they’ve still turned out pretty inconsistent.

Ah well, it totally paints a picture.

We are a little further along this week than these last photos (you may have caught a sneak peek on Instagram) but I’ll catch you up.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 22

Last I left you we were in the process of having the floors sanded and refinished. We went ahead and had the girls’ nursery worked on as well since those floors had previously been carpeted (previous owners) and badly needed some love. Due to a terrible communication mixup, we ended up clearing out the girls’ room about two weeks before the floor guys arrived (they kept delaying us, I kept thinking that it would be any day and avoided setting up any furniture temporarily) and so the room was empty and the girls in the office for a good chunk :). It was cooozy.

As soon as the floors were finished, we covered them up with Ram Board to keep them free of paint and scratches.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 22

I’m really disapproving of the iPhone pics that I snapped for this post way back when. Also, we were storing a bike in here if that gives any validation to how little work was being done for a long stretch…

The next project included our fan installation. Our electrician came in and out throughout the entire project, a really helpful scheduling perk that allowed us to make decisions one at a time.

This is our new fan (found over here at LampsPlus) and it’s so pretty in person. it took me quite awhile to hunt down a ceiling fan modern-yet-Spanish-esq enough to keep this space pretty. Modern, almost black (though really an oil rubbed bronze) it looks great in the space and provides that much needed circulation that you can’t get away from during our warmer summer nights (we tried not installing one in the girls room and it’s soooo hot all day during the summer). LampsPlus is partnering with us on this remodel by providing this fan for us to try out. So far so good – it’s working hard at the moment keeping anyone working on the space cool.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 22

Another cool find, though one we covered up:

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 22

Previous owners had papered the room first in what looks like a modern Rifle print and second in a geometric or stripe pattern. Everything comes around again! We have since added molding to the edges of the room as well as around the window and new doors so sadly this little peek into the past has disappeared.

I’ll share much more detail on the closet in an upcoming post, but here is the beauty in all of her raw form. Goosebumps.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 22

My closet was the size of a 3×2′ shoebox and so the prospect of all of the s p a c e is just magical!
Can’t wait to catch you up to the latest version of this room, as soon as I edit those photos I’ll be posting.

Happy midweek!

ps full breakdown from start to current over here.

Closet Favorite: Light Weight Layering Scarves

Closet Favorites: Light Weight Layering Scarves

We’re in the middle of summer but I’ve been layering light weight scarves over my usual working-from-home getup (super plain t-shirt and shorts) a lot lately. There’s something about finding the right scarf, too. It can’t be too bulky, too thin, too short, too long. It has to lay just right or you quickly stop wearing it. I have way too many scarves to count but I only wear a handful for this reason and I should edit down.

I just got word that my favorite light weight scarf is on clearance at J Crew Factory! So, if you need to stock up (even as gifts), these are some of my favorites. That top middle one is awesome over a white tee right now.

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