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Everyday Stuff: Taylor's Mustache

Anne Lamott is quoted as saying that “clutter and mess show us that life is being lived… perfectionism is a mean, frozen form of idealism, while messes are the artist’s true friend.” I’m reveling in that right now. My heart, my mind, my literal physical state. My bedroom does not look like this right now, my office is a stack of boxes and a sea of fiber scraps because of this, my days are busy and my nights are long because of these (especially that middle one that’s point her fingers in total disgust at the camera).

Around here, we are gearing up for a busy holiday season, watching ballet lessons, stressing about work, mourning that our 90-year-old fireplace is officially ‘unsafe to use’, making three bean soup (because sweater weather…), adding an extra blanket to the beds, pulling out footie pajamas (the best), helping our family (and ourselves) through hard and difficult moments, celebrating happy ones, focusing on recent world news with deep sadness, remembering to embrace both the momentous and small emotions with great care. Great, great care. The art of living in the messes is not lost on me right now.

But, when you have a two-year-old that first snarls and then pops on a wax mustache and smiles at the camera, you have to laugh and love it. Oh girl, you know I love you and your late night sneaking into my bed snuggles.

From our family to yours, wishing you the best mid-November week possible! xo

Sweater Weather Is Here. Yesss.

Sweater weather has made it to San Diego. It’s a glorious thing and while I know that parts of the rest of the US are already below 40 on a regular basis, I am heel clicking that I wore my uggs for the very first time today. I’m running off of that sweater high today so a short roundup of a few lookers this season.

Sweater Weather, 2015 - green/turquoise tunic

wool & cashmere boatneck tunic

Sweater Weather, 2015

grey cable knit sweater

Sweater Weather, 2015 - asymmetrical grey maroon stripe

asymmetrical stripe sweater

Sweater Weather, 2015

snowflakes! sweater

Sweater Weather, 2015

black stripe batwing sweater


convertible turtleneck sweater (it converts – really cool)

Sweater Weather, 2015

white with winter collar pattern

Sweater Weather, 2015 - tan wrap sweater

wrap front sweater

Sweater Weather, 2015

metallic knit sweater

That last one has holiday party all of over it, no?

Cheers you guys, have an awesome mid week.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Renovation

You can catch up on this massive project over here! We have officially moved on to the stage of occupying this space with mattress on floor. It’s awesome. It makes me want to live in and embrace clean, simple living (though a nightstand for bedside reading will be super when we get there).

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Plan

leather chair | grey bed | painting | sconces | white rug | nightstand

There is a greater plan forming though we’re not 100% set on any particular furniture pieces just yet. 99% certain on that gorgeous leather chair and pretty happy with the idea of a grey textured/upholstered bed with white bedding. We are partnering with Wayfair on this next phase of the project and it has been a lot of fun to come up with idea boards based off their vast selection. It is both humbling and challenging to collaborate with a sponsor where you’re sourcing most (not all) of your furniture from one place. We are gracious and slow at choosing… a thank you to their team for putting up with us. The above is almoooooostttt there.

To be completely honest, we’ve been living the mattress-on-the-floor lifestyle for so long now that it doesn’t really bother me (the above table saw, orange buckets and ramboard have since found new homes). I think that’s why it’s felt okay to stretch out the furnishing portion of the project until we find a style fit that really works well for both Kevin and me.

Will keep you posted on how this evolves. Itching to finish up the last of the bathroom details (Kev has plans to weld a frame for a large mirror and he’s recently finished building a giant barn door from scratch) but also good with waiting it out. That’s not always the case with renovating projects (oh man, usually I’m clawing to finish them up), but I think it’s the right attitude to have when so much of the work is DIY. Practice makes perfect.

Cheers and happy midweek! Sending lots of sunshine from San Diego.

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