A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Morgan and we are the Spenlas, welcome! This blog is a little creative outlet for me to share all of the happenings of renovating our home and the adventures of our family. (Curious about blog collaborations & sponsorships? Head over to here).

We bought our 1930s San Diegan bungalow in 2008 and are slowly tearing it apart and rebuilding it room by room to fit the needs of our family and the practicalities of today.

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In the professional world, both Kevin and I work in creative fields – he has a degree in architecture and is working on a large hospital here in San Diego (he’s also a food lover and is the owner of several gourmet food trucks), I come from a business and design background and am the marketing/creative director for a motion control firm, in my spare time I consult with local small businesses on the same subject.

But we have fallen in love with building a home (you know, the cozy, creative, lovable type) and this is where we share about it.

We’ve lived in our Spanish casita for over five years, but we’re still ages from calling any single room finished (our latest projects are all chronicled here). I think what I love most about design is how fun a ‘work in progress’ can be.

But this blog isn’t just about the home. As a creative outlet that embodies so much to me personally, I love to share all sorts of beauty and crafti-ness over here. On top of regular home updates you might find inspiration from favorite entertaining ideas to wardrobe styleboards to recipes that I think are too good not to share.

A little more about me: Born and raised in sunny California, I’m a warm-weather girl through and through. Originally from Santa Cruz, I currently live in San Diego with my husband Kevin, our toddler Liv and our brand new baby, Taylor. And Bodie, can’t forget our lovable and high-spirited yellow lab. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Ethics & Leadership, I began my professional career as a full time IT & change management consultant – it quickly became a wonderful launching point for a career but left me with much to be desired in the *creative* realm. Now I am the marketing and creative director of a motion control company, a web designer and the author of this little slice of the blogosphere.

How this blog came to be: I married my sweetie in 2007 and loved every moment of wedding planning. When we bought our home a year later and I had my first opportunity to ‘create a home’, I focused on also building a blog that chronicled all things creative to join us for the journey.

In January of 2011 our daughter Liv was born, and our most exciting adventure began. I added ‘mommy blogging’ to the list of items to chat about over here, and I continue to share my favorite baby finds and of course all of the adorable photos I can possibly include.

In June of 2013, little Taylor Rose joined the family! And the blog expanded to share even more about the happenings of a family in motion.

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I like to think of the blog as a little space offering inspiration for the inner design guru that’s in each of us. Visit to find decorating ideas, DIY tips and ah-ha! moments that I’ve stumbled upon and am excited to pass on. Check in daily as PDB and I serve up our best slice of happiness for the creative.



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