Trick-or-Treat? Spooky Delicious Treats, Please!

Spooky Cake Pops!!

Bakerella is so creative! These cake pops are part of their signature line of cake deliciousness on a lollipop, but are adorablely decorated for Halloween!! To see their entire selection, check out their website. I made these delicious little bites for a Halloween party last year and they were too cute to eat!

Spooky Cake Pops 2

The mummys were my favorite — but the witches, spiders & pumpkins are on my list for this year!

Spooky Cake Pops 3

The inner cake ball (Bakerella’s favorite to use is red velvet) is very yummy, but I must admit a bit more difficult to craft into these perfect little cake pops than I was expecting. I found a quick and easy solution to make these in lickity split time! (no pun intended…)

For my secret fix, I made these fantastic spooky treats by using regular and mini tootsie roll lollipops (from Costco) as the sturdy, durable center, and then dipped and covered them in their respective melted chocolates and candy decorations.

Spooky Cake Pops 7

Try See’s rectangular lollipops for the werewolves!

Spooky Cake Pops 6


Easy Decorating:

White melted chocolate for dipping and dripping in a squiggly pattern, green round sprinkles or gel for eyes

Green melted chocolate for dipping, black licorice pinwheel for hair, orange sprinkles for eyes, edible pen for mouth, green tic tacs for nose, half oreo and hershey kiss for hat

Orange melted chocolate for dipping, green tic tac for stem, edible pen for jack o’lantern face

Black Cats:
Black/dark brown chocolate for dipping, mini chocolate morsels for ears, various sprinkles for eyes and nose

Brown chocolate for dipping and creating fur (try a toothpick to pull back chocolate like hair), various sprinkles for eyes, teeth and nose

White chocolate for dipping (clump at base of lollipop to create shape of ghost), edible pen for face

Black/dark brown chocolate for dipping, black licorice pinwheels for legs, sprinkles for eyes

Spooky Cake Pops 5

You MUST check out Bakerella’s site for Frankenstein, bats, one-eyed purple people eaters, skulls and a spoooooky version of SCREAM from the movie!

Spooky Cake Pops 4

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  1. Morgan says

    That’s a great idea! I just bought the $2.49 candy melts for the brownie bites for the Colorful Candy Buffet!

  2. says

    These are awesome. It’s my fiance’s 34th birthday this Friday and I’m making these for favors. :) The candy melts happen to be on sale at Michael’s for $2.49 right now too!!

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