Polka Dots, Giraffes & Feathers… Fun Kids Rooms!

Kid's Room Inspiration Main

Decorating for children can be so fun — you can be as extravagant and imaginative as you’d like and the room will be appreciated and loved for years to come. Here are a few inspiring ideas from Elle Decor & BHG for adding a little creativity in the world of children.

Kid's Room Inspiration 2

Bright walls and fun fabrics are a must. I love how the above lavender room incorporates brilliantly green bed stands and a complimentary fabric canopy/curtain.

Kid's Room Inspiration Nursery 6

A nursery is an ideal place to add a life size stencil and this giraffe is perfect. I love the lampshade too.

Kid's Room Inpsiration Girl's 4

Pretty in pink — it’s one hundred percent okay to go way overboard with a little girls room, pink boa trimmings and all. There’s too much wonderful inspiration out there! Follow the jump for 8 more fun ideas.

Children's Boy's Room Inspiration 3

A bold blue finds a friendly home when mixed with neutral furniture in the second picture shown, and the handmade school pendant flags add something special to the lower right boys room.

Kid's Room Inspiration 7

Find something simple as your inspiration, like polka dots! And add everything that matches without worry about mixing patterns.

Kid's Room Inspiration Girls 5

The above inspiration board is fit for a princess. How neat to mix wall colors like teal and pink in the faux architectural style of the lower left hand picture. And an entire room covered in a beautiful wallpaper print! You can get away with it here.

Kid's Room Inspiration 8

There are so many patterns going on in the above, but it works perfectly. The growing tree to the right is a neat addition.

Kid's Room Inspiration 9

What an ideal little boy’s room! Soft and neutral in colors of beige, sage and burnt orange.

Kid's Room Inspiration Nursery Girl's 10

When in doubt, go bright! You can’t help but smile in this nursery! Rooms for the kids are too much fun, and I hope these great examples were inspiring!

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  1. Irina R. says

    Do you know where I could buy a large giraffe stencil like that? I’ve looked all over the web and can’t find anything big enough. Thanks.

    – Irina

    • Morgan says

      Hi Irina!

      That’s a great question. Other than the sources listed in the post I’m not sure… Etsy is a great resource – maybe there?

      Best of luck!

  2. Laurie says

    Hi! Just wanted to say that I just recently found your blog and I am really loving it. It’s a lovely little bright spot in my day. I love the fact that the pictures you post are so nice and big–you can really see all the detail. Very nicely done.

    • Morgan says

      Hi Laurie, You just made my day :)! I’m so honored by your comment and I do hope you’ll come back and visit often! Thank you so much for your kind words.


  3. says

    What I love about all the rooms you chose is they all have an eclectic, yet pulled together feel. It doesn’t look like they went to a store and bought every matching item you could for the room. It looks like it was accomplished over time and with thought and care. LOVE THEM!

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