This is Where I’ll be in 48 Hours…


The hubby and I will be tramping across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand for three weeks… and we’re leaving today! After two very long flights I should find myself right smack dab in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. So today is my usual 12 hour working day — and tomorrow maybe a little sun bathing and a good novel. Actually, I’m quite looking forward to the simple fact that it’s summer on that side of the world.

I will continue to post all of my FAVORITE holiday inspiration daily (don’t worry… I have a few posts in the pipeline) and look forward to sharing a bit of my adventure details as well. Bon Voyage! (with a down under accent)

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  1. Jennifer says

    Awesome! Love it!!!!

    Have such a great time! I look forward to all the postings for your trip :)

    Don’t forget to post all the unusual findings too :)


    • Morgan says

      Hi Jen,
      Wonderful idea! I would love to post any great finds and inspiration from the travels — especially from the unique architecture and culturally influenced design of Thailand. I’m sure there will be much to absorb across the board and I look forward to sharing here. I know right now on my *wish list* is a beautiful, over-sized silk Thai scarf that I can frame for the living room and Maori tribal print for my hallway collage of photos :).

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