Friday Guest Blog Interview: Maddycakes Muse

Guest Interview: Maddycakes Muses 5

Today’s Friday guest blog interview brings us over to the darling site, Maddycakes Muse. Have you had a chance to check out this neat party inspiration blog yet? If not, you’ll love her frugalista approach to all things entertaining. Michelle recently showcased her Dr. Suess Thing One, Thing Two party for an event industry convention, Parties for Pennies, and planned the entire party for just $213!! (more on that after the jump…)

She “muses” about all things creative and beautiful: coffee filter roses & mailed diaper invitations (for a baby shower) being two of my recent favorites on the creative side (would that not make you smile to get one in the mail?) and beautiful damask dinner parties and elaborate tablescapes being on the beautiful end. On that note, how lovely is this Asian-themed dinner party?

Guest Interview: Maddycakes Muses 4

I love all of the brilliant colors! and the bamboo name cards double as a clever favor. The tablecloth is actually an Ikea duvet cover found in the As-Is section at a steal of a price (note to self: search through sheets at Ikea asap).

When Michelle is not sharing her latest finds online, she designs & plans childrens parties through her business (by the same name) in Pheonix, Arizona.

If you didn’t think entertaining on a budget was possible – check out two more delicious tablescapes after the jump! and Michelle takes a moment to answer PDB’s four interview questions.


{PDB Interview with Michelle of Maddycakes Muse}


What inspires your design style?

I love to look at what is happening in fashion and runway shows a lot because they forecast the seasons about a year in advance. I also love looking at home magazines because they are full with beautiful tablescapes and use items that you would never think of using on a table display. Of course, the blog world is unbelievable!  There are just so many amazingly talented and creative people. I can spend hours looking over their beautiful parties and all of the attention to details.

Guest Interview: Maddycakes Muses 3

{80’s themed soiree – find the entire ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun party here}

What do you love most about what you do?

This may sound cliche and corny but I really love seeing the excitement and happiness that my parties bring the children, teens and families. I love making them happy and exceeding their expectations. I get to share in some very important events and memories in their lives.

Guest Interview: Maddycakes Muses

What are your favorite design trends?

I don’t necessarily have favorite design trends however, my philosophy is that children’s parties should be as beautiful, fun and elegant as grown up parties. I want my parties to be memorable, magical, and create a fantasy for the children.  Due to MTV, the teenagers always want the biggest, over the top, and what is HOT parties! So I am constantly on the look out for what is fresh and new. Keeping up with what is happening with teen culture and what’s new with the wee ones as well. If I’m asked for a gamer party, I better not show up with Atari!

Guest Interview: Maddycakes Muses 2

What are three design suggestions that you would like to offer our readers?

{1} Invest in party basics that you can reuse over and over again. I buy clear glass containers in all shapes and sizes and white serving dishes. You can always add ribbon, scrapbook paper, contact paper and embellishments to match your party theme and decor. If you buy glasses with dice all over it for a casino theme party then you better have a quarterly or annual Casino night to get your money’s worth.

Guest Interview: Maddycakes Muses 6

{One Thing, Two Thing! Michelle’s budget birthday transformation for twins, showcased at Parties for Pennies. Post one is here, part two can be found here.}

{2.} Please do not go and buy party paper products all matching your theme. I know that we are all so busy and your daughter or son loves Elmo so you go out and buy all the Elmo matching party items you can find! You will actually end up spending more money this way. Use the colors of the character or book as your theme and your party basics then throw in a few of the actual characters in a different way such as stuff animals, books. or toys you already own.

Guest Interview: Maddycakes Muses 7

{3} Think outside the box. Look at items you already own and repurpose them. For example, if you have a wooden brown tray that you could use but wrong color then spray paint it! Goodwill and the $ Tree are my best friends!! I find more items for parties in these locations!! Don’t just look at an object for what it is but what it can be…boy, that sounds really deep!

Guest Interview: Maddycakes Muses 8

{The dessert buffet centerpiece is a perfect example of ‘thinking outside of the box': it was made by filling a clear glass container with red garland and Dollar Tree blue dust feathers!}

Thank you, Michelle!

Credits for Images: All photos belong to Michelle of Maddycakes Muse

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  1. says

    The idea of “Parties for Pennies” is certainly a wonderful option, considering today’s economy. It’s hard to believe that such beautiful-colorful displays can be created on a limited budget!! Hats off to Maddycakes Muse for demonstrating with such style, that one need not forgo celebrating special events because of budgetary constraints. Thanks Michelle for sharing your gift of celebrating life with such creative expression!

  2. says

    I’ve been following Michelle’s blog for quite some time now and I love how creative she is. There is always something fun to see on her blog. I’m glad to see her interviewed here!

  3. April Nowell says

    I found Maddycakes Muse by chance around Halloween and I have been a true follower since! Michelle gives out inspirations to her blog readers daily and always on a budget that is easy on the wallet of the average Jane, which is truly a great find in today’s economy!

  4. Debbie O-GlenBurnie Md. says

    Wow Michelle, the colors are so bright and vivid. You’ve used such creativity. Your colors blend and flow together so harmoniously.It will capture any childs imagination or attention. Your parties will leave an unforgetible impression. Looking thru the blog, the colors and themes has captured my attention. You are hired.

  5. Madeleine says

    I knew Michelle long ago and her parties were the most fun and creative! Congratulations Michelle for making parties and memories fun for so many people!

  6. Robbie R Miles says

    Love all the beautyful colors that is being used, being a preschool teacher, knowing that children like colors! The more the better.

  7. Christina Carroll says

    Michelle’s keen eye and attention to detail inspires such creative ideas that make her parties stand out. She is a pleasure to work with and has proven amazing in everything she puts her hands to. I was honored to have her host my daughters 3yr old Princess Tea Party and create lasting memories for everyone involved! Michelle can do the most with any budget and her fun and friendly personality adds a double bonus!


  8. Amber says

    I have attended a party done by Michelle and it was beautifully done and uniquely creative. She is so talented and really cares about keeping costs down. Hire this woman for your next gig. You will not be disappointed.

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