A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

One of my favorite diy projects for this shower (Part 1 & Part 2) included handmade flowers and a big white chandelier to hang over the main table. Each flower was easy to assemble and when scattered about the table, dessert buffet or attached to long, gold ribbon they gave a vintage, rustic vibe.

The chandelier was a collage of handmade flowers hanging just below and inside the large white lampshade (a thrift store find at just $1) in place of a light bulb. I used the same gold ribbon to balance the shade above the table and also to hang the flower cluster from the inside of the chandelier.

In addition to hanging the flowers from up above, small clusters were grouped on the tables and elsewhere around the party.

Making the flowers was simple. I collected specialty paper from stores such as Paper Source, Michaels and even my local Artists & Craftsman. I especially love the large rolls of handmade paper for their texture and variety.

For complete diy instructions and more step-by-step pictures, follow the jump.

{DIY Project: Handmade Paper Flowers}

Materials: large sheets of specialty paper, scissors, stapler, buttons in assorted sizes, glue.

Steps correspond with numbered pictures.

{1.} Cut wavy petals out of the paper, each flower should get two to three sets of  four or five petals in the same pattern for a layered effect. Petals can be cut individually, in pairs or with the entire flower still connected – it’s a rustic, vintage look so feel free to play with the shapes and sizes. I especially love the look of the very fibrous, handmade papers that could easily be torn and pulled apart.

{2.} Center the first layer of petals with a single staple.

{3-4.} Add a second and third layer of petals, fold flower in half and flip over.

{5.} Staple center together, flip back over and form petals by folding and bending the flower back open.

{6.} If necessary add double-sided tape or scrapbooking tape to inside of flower petals to help form and hold them in place.

{7.} Glue button to center of flower.

Cluster together and hang from ribbon from ceilings, door frames, windows, lamps, fireplace mantles and curtain rods. Scatter flowers in smaller clumps around tables, buffets and serving dishes. Attach to picture frames, cork boards and everywhere in between for a beautiful, simple decoration.

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