Project Nursery: Inspiring Rooms

My usual decorating process goes something like this:

1. Collect inspiring images into a folder on my desktop (over days or months)
2. Identify and pull from those images what resonates with me from each room (maybe a beautiful chair or wallpaper pattern)
3. Compile an inspiration board of furniture & general aesthetic from the images
4. Use the inspiration board to inspire colors and patterns
5. And finally DIY and search out components of the board until the room is complete, tweaking to incorporate great finds and changing tastes

Try as I might, I’ve gotten as far as step 2 for the new nursery over the past 8 months (yes, 8 months!). That darn room has changed so many times in my mind that as soon as I’m ready to commit I change my mind again.

But here’s a look at step 2. Here are the images that have resonated with me over the past year for this reason or that:

Inspiring Nurseries, Nursery Inspiration, Decoration, Decor Kid's Rooms

It only adds to the conundrum that the room has to stay fairly gender neutral until baby comes. We’re both excited to wait for ‘the big surprise’ but it’s difficult to build a design concept that doesn’t inch too much towards masculine or feminine.

Inspiring Nurseries, Nursery Inspiration, Decoration, Decor Kid's Rooms

I’m pretty certain the basic colors will stay in the neutrals (white, tans, browns) with splashes of red accents. From there, baby blues and yellows can build up a more colorful backdrop and I’m excited to use a decent amount of playful patterns in various fabrics for crib bedding, window valences (to corral those three awkward windows), curtains, pillows, fabric decals and the like.

Inspiring Nurseries, Nursery Inspiration, Decoration, Decor Kid's Rooms

Here I go, back to the drawing board. If I don’t have a pretty descriptive inspiration board to help guide my choices I end up doubting and returning more than I’d care to admit! Laying out pattern and color choices in advance makes for a fun design process – and pulling all of the pieces together is always my favorite part.

Stay tuned!

Inspirational rooms from above: Ohdeedoh, Samantha Pynn, 6th Street Design School, Ish & Chi, Isabella & Max and others from months and months ago…

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  1. says

    I used the same nursery as inspiration that was from the Domino book as well! That giraffe wallpaper decal was my starting point…it came all the way from the Netherlands! :) If you want to check out how I interpreted that nursery into my daughters room, check out my blog! Good luck!

  2. Anna F. says

    Good news, that little adorable baby of yours won’t notice the room for a few months. So get the basics in there and then you can take your time adding personalized touches and gender appropriate flair. :)

  3. says

    2 years I’ve been going over and over my ideas/inspiration for our guest room/office.

    I’ve changed my mind a total of 3 times.

    I’ve sold the furniture I bought for it and purchased some new items (all ikea and thrift store items!)

    Not once has the room ever even been closed to finished/usable – I absolutely feel your pain!

    I love your inspiration ideas – I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to pull it all together!

  4. says

    Oh, give me the choice of any room to decorate and it would be a child’s room or nursery! Such license to be creative…and thanks for the shout out! Janell

  5. says

    Loving your inspirations and they seem pretty gender neutral to me. One of my friends just went through a similar quandry even though she knew it was going to be a boy. Pale blue and natural woods was what she finally went with and it could so easily work for a girl too. I know you’ll come up with the perfect answer!

    xo Mary Jo

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