Master Bedroom: A Good Place to Pause

Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe 2011 has found us and is already underway… it seemed like 2010 just flew by. We’re up to our eyebrows in projects over here and working to wrap up bigger undertakings such as the new kitchen, office and nursery. Before we jump into those, a quick update on our bedroom.

Our master bedroom is not complete but I’m happy to say that we’ve pulled it together to a place that Kevin and I are both happy with and both enjoy.

Since we are on baby watch and expecting any day now, the room will have to stay as is until the storm that is about to be our crazy lives settles down… but we did manage to pull the new rug, new mirror and diy curtains together to create a space that is relaxing and comfortable – especially after a busy day!

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Up next for this little room includes a light fixture update, wall artwork and photos, a new nightstand (currently hunting down a small one to fit that narrow space!) and incorporating more color to add that ‘pop’.

A run down of resources so far: the sunburst mirror is a Michael’s find, the rug is from, the bed from Pottery Barn (but found by us on Craigslist), the duvet and sheets from Garnet Hill, the pillow cases by Calvin Klein, the knit throw pillow from West Elm on sale, the bamboo shades were found at Lowe’s, the over-sized mirror from the clearance section at Lowe’s, and the reading light and curtains are from Ikea.

Master Bedroom Renovation, decoration, inspiration, DIY, patterned rug, before and after, design, sunburst mirror, tall mirror, oversize mirror, over-sized mirror, white curtains, valencia bed

The opposite side of the room is waiting for its big reveal… but there are a few missing puzzle pieces here and there that should fill in shortly. We did salvage a very neat occasional chair for the corner next to the tall mirror that I’ll share about as soon as it gets some more diy love (you can see it poking its boxy frame out above).

Here’s the before we moved in shot:

Gotta love that maroon carpet and the bars on the outside windows. We originally had the room in a configuration close to the above, with the bed against the right wall and the dresser under the window, but by switching it up we gained a large amount of space unexpectedly. Sometimes all it takes is moving around furniture to create a fresh, new feel.

We’ve made a minor modification for Baby S as well, he/she will be joining us at night and for naps in a new co-sleeper that slips just beside our bed.

co-sleeper, cosleeper

Makes it easy for momma and baby to ‘co-sleep’ without actually sharing bed space. I love the idea behind co-sleeping but know that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep worrying about the safety of little one in our bed (and I love the idea of not having to get up out of bed in the wee hours to retrieve a hungry baby from a bassinet or crib).

And about that missing side table… do let me know if you spot anything on the narrow side out there (it’s tempting to say we can survive without night stands but the pile of books, etc at the head of the bed is getting pretty bad!). I’m thinking a skinnier pedestal table like this one might be neat?

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  1. polly says

    Love the bedroom! How did that co-sleeper work out for you? Is it the armsreach mini? If so, where did you find it in that darker color?
    ALso looking for that rug on overstock! Very well done room. It looks warm and lovely

  2. says

    Such a nice and cozy spot you have there! Everything is looking great so far. (btw, I absolutely loved my co-sleeper. T stayed in it until she was 4 months old and it was so wonderful to just look over and see her there in the middle of the night!)

  3. says

    You know what? I love it! I love the mirrors and your rug! Really nice!

    Last night I couldn’t sleep right the way, and I was thinking about my blog a lot and you came to my mind… I heard some say this just before I delivered my son: ” Don’t be afraid, just remember that every contraction is bringing your baby closer to you. YOU’RE THE GATE OF THIS WORLD TO YOUR KID.
    So, remember that… or try to… it helped me when I was delivering my kids and I hope this encourage you to. :-)


    Luciane at

    • Morgan says

      Hi Luciane,
      Thank you for the encouragement – the idea of bringing a new life into the world is certainly daunting and I’m trying not to get too anxious over the process… though I can’t help but think about it night and day!
      Take care,

  4. Janet says

    Thanks, Morgan! I think I’ll order it, then. Your bedroom really looks lovely! Best of luck with the rest of your preparations and your delivery! :)

    • Morgan says

      Hi Janet,
      I would recommend ordering the Mini Convertible Co-Sleeper as it’s the version that can be broken down and turned into a play yard/travel sleeping bed too. Congrats!

  5. says

    I love what you have been doing to the room, since the before to right now. It can be seen it’s not done yet, but pretty close.
    The colors are so peaceful. It looks very… personal. Congratulations on your projects and new baby coming!

  6. says

    Looks great! I got the blue version of that rug for a friend and the yellow version for my brother. Such a good find.

    I can’t believe how many projects you are cranking out. Nesting at the Nth degree!! Best of luck with baby S, and happy new year!


  7. says

    Love the new rug – the room looks great! I can’t believe baby S is still hanging in there – he/she definitely going for the fashionably late arrival! LOL
    I like the side table you posted, but it would be so full so quick in my house, i wonder if you could find a skinny one that has multiple levels? I am going to look online :)

    • Morgan says

      Hi Jennifer,
      You make a great point! It would be difficult to corral a bedside’s worth of stuff onto that small pedestal top. Drawers or shelves would be helpful, though I love the circular design. Perhaps even a basked under the table/bed would suffice for books… hmmmm.

  8. says

    Morgan, your bedroom is so light and pretty! I especially love your mix of neutrals, and that fabulous floor mirror just makes everything look that much brighter. Can’t wait to see the other side!

  9. Janet says

    I’ve just been looking at co-sleepers online for the past hour! I was considering the mini, too. Did you have to get a leg extender kit? It seems crazy that they fit beds up to 24″–what bed is that short anymore? I’m worried because the reviews said the leg extenders make it wobbly.

    • Morgan says

      Hi Janet,
      Our co-sleeper is about 3-4″ too short for the bed but before we purchase the extender kit we’re going to give the slightly lower height a try. I love love the mini! I had originally ordered the original but it is just so big… Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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