DIY Entertaining Idea: Custom Envelope Liners

With all of this talk of construction over here it’s time for a little prettiness. Here’s a fabulous tutorial that I recently spotted that I can’t wait to try!

DIY Envelope Liner

How creative! This would be so cute for a shower, wedding announcement or even as the lining in a thank you card (I’m picturing an adorable picture from a kid’s party with a little handwritten note from the birthday boy or girl).

Because it’s an artistic twist on the usual envelope liner rather than a picture to be displayed on the fridge, you could definitely get away with printing on regular cardstock paper from your home computer. Better yet, try printing a favorite photo over a subtly patterned piece of scrapbooking paper.

DIY Envelope Liner 2

Full tutorial over here at Paiges of Style. Love this idea.

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  1. says

    I was all gung-ho about doing lined envelopes for T’s birthday, but ran out of time. I love this idea of using a photo! Perhaps I could use one from the party for Thank You cards. Thanks for the great tip!

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