Project Nursery: Personalized Growth Chart + a Petite Lemon *Giveaway*

Tis’ the season for giving and I have a really great giveaway for everyone today.  Petite Lemon recently asked if they could partner with me to share their line of kid’s personalized growth charts, alphabet posters and photo posters.

Today they’re offering a $50 gift certificate towards any of these, and they were kind enough to send one personalized product my way to check out:


I love their contemporary style and I was immediately smitten with several of their personalized alphabet prints:

But because we have an adorable vintage-esq alphabet poster (which actually served as the inspiration for our nursery), I checked out their growth charts as well.

So cute! This Color Me chart below was my favorite and I thought it would fit right into the colors of the nursery:

It’s as adorable in person as it is online!

While I had ‘Spenla Family’ printed at the top, what I really mean is ‘Spenla Kids’ (since Kevin and I long ago passed up that 60″ mark – wait, does it say 60″? Actually I might still be able to put myself just above that mark on this chart at 5′ 3″…) anyhow, we wanted one chart that would serve the purpose of all Spenla Kids rather than just Liv (so we don’t one day have 2, 3 or even 4 charts up) but I chose Spenla Family because, well, if we are blessed with just Liv then that’s okay too :0).

The canvas growth chart is great on its own, but I wanted to really fill in this corner (between the door to the new bathroom and her dresser) and so I mounted the chart on a handmade fabric lined frame:

And hung the chart with a mustard yellow ribbon from the two top grommets.

I made the fabric frame from molding I had lying around the garage (leftover pieces that I didn’t use in this project), pretty primary colored fabric I found marked down to $4.99/yard, a couple of nails and a staple gun.

The process was fairly easy – similar to stretching a canvas for art. First, cut molding to the desired rectangle sizes (I wanted about a foot on top and bottom of the chart plus 8 or so inches on each side) and secure the pieces of wood together with a nail and hammer (you could do a fancy version of this with a pilot hole but I was going basic here and just tapped the nail right through one end of the molding and into the other).

Next, cut fabric to the same size + 5″ or so on each edge for folding over the back. Lay the frame upside down on your fabric and ‘stretch the fabric up and over each edge, securing the fabric to the frame on the back side with a staple gun (I went a little crazy with the staples for this example but you get the idea :)).

 The chart and fabric tie in really well with the rest of the primary colors in the nursery:

Modern, Contemporary, DIY, Makeover Nursery, Do It Yourself

In fact, it almost pulls all of the colors together!

Back to that giveaway… Petite Lemon is giving away a $50 credit to their entire store! Find fun and contemporary ideas for a kids or teen room. Makes a great gift.


Giveaway: A $50 credit to Petite Lemon towards a personalized growth chart, alphabet poster or photo poster

To Enter: Leave a comment here with your plans for giving this season! (Could be a gift, time, resources, charity…)

For Additional Entries: Become a Facebook fan of Petite Lemon and/or Pepper Design Blog. Be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional entry.

Giveaway ends Friday, December 23 at midnight PST, winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following Monday. Good luck!


In other news, I’m honored that Goo Gone has made me the Gooru of the week! Come check it out over here. Goo Gone is one of those must-haves for messy projects and I’m a huge fan.

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  1. Ann says

    Do you happen to have any idea the name of the fabric you used in this project! I love the primary colors and design. Or do you remember where you purchased it? Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hi Ann, I’m so sorry but I found that particular piece of fabric at a discount fabric shop as a remnant (I believe). The fabric store is actually called ‘Discount Fabrics’ here in San Diego :). Best of luck!

  2. Pat says

    We did a gift exchange this year, but really it’s giving of my time to my family that I really enjoy.

  3. Phil says

    Cool item! I am planning to give my wife lots of hand made certificates for housework and anything she might want. I hope she loves it!

  4. Trish says

    I think this item is just too cute! I am planning on giving my husband a new nut cracker to add to his collection! :-)

  5. Pat K. says

    I have helped my father move over the holidays – not an easy task, but he has definitely appreciated my help.

  6. Debbie Kolysher says

    I am a fan of Petite Lemon on Facebook – adorable things! Would LOVE to win a growth chart for my 2 year old twins – I’ve been eyeing them up for awhile now!

  7. Debbie Kolysher says

    What an awesome giveaway!!
    My plans for giving this year are to give some Christmas baking to all of my neighbours!!!

  8. Jessica M says

    I am baking lots of goodies with my mom and sisters to give to friends and spending way to much money on clothes to give my sweet new baby!

  9. Jennifer says

    Something new that I’m doing is making peppermint bark for my mail lady. Your nursery looks amazing! I want one of the growth charts and thanks for the great idea to put it on a fabric frame.

  10. Tara Wepler says

    I am so excited for this holiday season with my new young family. 3 years, 2 years and 9 months. We are re-starting a tradition that I used to do with my dad and brother of delivering meals to elderly and disabled people in the Kansas City area. Its through the Salvation Army. The older two are coloring pictures to give out to our new friends. It’s something I really think is important as these people have no friends or family that they will spending the holiday with. It really helps to remind me of how lucky I am to have all these kids driving me nuts every day.
    Also, I want to remind/teach them that its better to give than to receive and Christmas day isn’t all about what Santa brought you that day.

  11. Kenisha says

    I am most looking forward to surprising my 4 y.o. with a new “big girl” bike. She has three bikes that she has outgrown and surprised us last week when she said she wanted to give them to someone that didn’t have a bike for Christmas. We were touched by this testament of generosity at her young age and can’t wait for her to see her Christmas surprise! She demonstated the spirit of the season, and it truly is better to give than to receive. Merry Christmas :)

  12. says

    Great job! And a fun giveaway! I love giving to Toys for Tots. Great program and nothing beats knowing a kid will have something to open on Christmas day.

  13. steph says

    love this stuff! For Christmas we plan on giving our almost 2 year old his first train set and I am way more excited about this then he will ever be :)

  14. Abbey says

    Oh I need this! Twins are arriving soon!!!! Gifts are very simple this year, socktopuses for my nieces and nephews -lets just hope they get done on time! Not feeling too much like doing anything these days being 33 weeks pregnant with twins!

  15. Lisa says

    What a great site. I have a 4 month old and I am excited about creating many traditions for us to follow for years to come. It’s our our first christmas as a family ;)

  16. Heidi Mc says

    I’m doing a lot of baking and giving platters to merchants. Also, donate to the Red Kettle every time I walk by one and donate to our local food pantry. I’ll be singing at Christmas Eve service.

  17. andrea p says

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    I’m looking forward to great food and lots of family time for the holidays :)

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