We are in the middle of refinancing (have you seen the rates?) and the appraiser has just left the building house.

We. are. so. tired.

On the plus side, we completed a ton of 10% projects (you know how you finish 90% of a room but you put off that last bit? those are my 10% projects) this weekend. And we’re hopefully going to lock in a low mortgage rate that will help us out a bunch in the long term.

On the down side, we. are. so. tired. Kevin more than I – he pulled an all-nighter last night (if only that poor appraiser knew what we went through before he arrived! 30 minutes early! while we were balancing mop buckets and Mrs. Meyers running around like crazy people). Anyhow, there was plenty of painting, scraping, grouting, molding installation, nailing and cleaning to be had and we are even more grateful for our friends who came over both Saturday and Sunday to help us out. Nothing like a good deadline to get those little projects done.

I promise to take pictures of our house while it’s in this ‘clean’ state and get back to you. And to let you in on a little hallway project that might involve chalkboard paint very soon…

Until then, a little cuteness to brighten your Monday:

Found a pair of mom’s sunglasses. 13 months going on 13. (do you see that little snap and swing of the hip?)

I must now get back to work and Kevin (lucky duck) doesn’t have class until this evening. So I think he’ll go sleep.

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    Best of luck on the refinancing! The Husband and I have been thinking about doing that for a while ourselves. And Liv definitely rocks those sunglasses!

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