Living Room Update: A New Moroccan Shag Rug

I knew this day would come, I just didn’t realize how quickly it would arrive. Our beloved shaggy white living room rug has bit the dust. Between kids and bare feet stomping around and a very big dog she eventually, after just two years, began to look less than inviting. And with a new baby that’s soon to be scooting around?

But not to be dismayed by my rotating rounds of white rugs, I have gone ahead and ordered another.

A New Moroccan Shag Rug for the Living Room |

White, you might think? Why white again? See, having a white rug is a bit of a two edged sword. On the con side it has a tendency to get dirty (hehe). On the pro side, we have a 100 lb yellow lab who sheds a body’s worth of hair each day. I sweep the kitchen (which has that dark grey porcelain tile) in the morning, in the afternoon… but to vacuum our living room, which is one of the most used rooms in the house, twice a day as well to hide all of that shedding on a dark colored rug? Yikes.

Here’s that handsome fellow after one morning’s quick brush down with the furminator (the most wonderful dog brush in the world).


I could stuff throw pillows with that amount of hair. So oddly enough, a white rug makes a crazy amount of sense for us. (Not that I still don’t have to vacuum it frequently, that could get a little icky.) Plus it keeps the room so bright!

New Rug for the Living Room |

Peek a boo :).

New Rug for the Living Room |

As far as the pattern goes, I fell in love with this style of a Moroccan shag rug when we were in Marrakech last year. They are so beautiful! I would have loved to have brought one home but I had a terrible time figuring out a way to stuff it into my suitcase…

New Rug for the Living Room |

I usually prefer the long-haired shag rugs to shorter tufts because they’re generally easier to keep clean. For example, Liv left a red crayon out on our last rug and the sun melted it right into the hairs before I caught it. Luckily I was able to cut it right out, gave the rug a little tousle and no one was the wiser.

This particular rug is a bit silkier, for lack of a better term, but it would be equally easy to trim.

New Rug for the Living Room |

I’ve actually had this exact rug in mind for the past year, and this month I partnered with the folks over at Rugs USA to bring this baby home.

New Rug for the Living Room |

Rugs USA is known for their incredible discounts, they’re actually having a 60% off sale right now when you use the code SEP60! Sweet deal.

This rug is SO soft, so pretty and so perfect for this space, I couldn’t be happier.

A New Moroccan Shag Rug for the Living Room |

This post was sponsored by Rugs USA who gave us a discount on the above rug for our living room. All of the comments are our own!

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  1. Julia says

    Hi Morgan,

    I love your room! And want that rug :)

    Just wondering,what size is this rug? The directions of the diamonds are different then that on the Rugs USA website, so I was curious if it changed bc of the rug size.

    Does the rug look like faux fur, I couldn’t tell how fine the strands were from the picture.

    Is the ivory more white or more cream?

    And lastly, does the rug feel thick/plush under your feet?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    • says

      Hi Julia! I’d have to double check but I’m 99% sure that we have a 6×9 in our living room. The rug does have that faux fur look and feel rather than a yarn or wool look. It’s definitely a white to start out with but with our busy family has transformed into more of a cream – but it looks natural as opposed to dirty ;). The rug is plush under out feet – the first year being THE best but it’s now still soft even though not as plush. Hope that helps!

      • JH says

        I just got this rug Friday. How do you clean it? I am nervous to vacuum and have the strands ruined by the beater bar. It does shed like crazy. Did yours come with sections matted and how did you get them to fluff like the rest of the rug? I love love the rug but would like it to last.

        • says

          Hi, I vacuum mine regularly and while it’s not as soft and cozy as before, it’s not matted either. It did shed for a bit when we first bought it, but that’s slowed down. Mine didn’t arrive with sections matted, that sounds unusual! With a dog and three kids I’m imagining that I’ll have to update mine maybe next year… but that will be about four years of life so that’s okay by me :).

  2. Brighton says

    Hi! I ordered this last night, and I’ve read reviews about it shedding, but I think it’s so beautiful and comfy, I bought it anyway. What has been your experience with the shedding?

    • says

      Hi Brighton, in our experience there is very little shedding (maybe I’m just mixing it up with our white lab’s dog hair though :-)), we love this rug with the only downside being that it gets less fluffy over time.

  3. says

    Hi Morgan – I just love this shag rug! I’ve been debating on getting something similar for my master bedroom but then would partially be hidden under the bed. Did RugsUSA contact you, or did you contact them? I’d love to partner with them in the future :)

    • says

      Hi Amanda, that’s a really good question! If I think back, I believe I had reached out to their PR contact via their website to inquire about partnering on an upcoming post. I’ve found that it never hurts to ask :).

  4. Stephanie says

    I just bought this rug and I think its beautiful! How to you clean yours? Can you use a regular vacuum cleaner?

  5. says

    Love the rug! I’m thinking of getting it myself and was curious to see how its holding up since you posted this.
    Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hi Lizzie! We are still loving the look & feel of our rug. It hasn’t been a year yet, but I would happily purchase again at the state it’s in currently.

  6. says

    A bunch of quite useful tips. Thank you for sharing your experience with these moroccan rugs. It was of great help for me. This may have helped many others like me. Keep this up.

  7. allie says

    hi leslie – now that you’ve had the rug for a few months how is it holding up for you? we bought the same one in october and i’ve noticed the spot right in front of our couch has discoloured and looks pretty worn. i haven’t vacuumed it yet to see if that helps at all but am wondering if you’ve seen any wear/discolouration and if so what you’ve done to help it. thanks! i love the rug too :)

    • says

      Hi there Allie, We haven’t had the rug for long but no yellow spots thus far! We did spill red wine and that came out with a little oxyclean – otherwise nothing too eventful :-).


  8. Lindsay says

    I can’t tell what color are the diamonds… Black or brown?? I just love it but need ivory and brown

  9. says

    Love that rug. My daughter got one at RugsUSA as well for her apartment. It took 2 months, but she got it! A very popular rug :) The only thing is that she says hers has a smell to it. But the reviews say it eventually goes away..did yours have a smell? Hers is a little different, it has the fringe at the ends, so maybe they aren’t the same. It looks good in your room, you are brave to get a white rug with kids and a dog.

    • says

      No smells yet! This is the one without fringes (really loved that one but was worried I’d never be able to keep the fringes so perfectly flat and nice looking) so perhaps they are a different material. We are dealing with a little shedding but I think that’s to be expected of most shag rugs.

      Your sister has great style ;).

  10. Jeni says

    I ordered this exact same rug during Rugs USA’s Labor Day sale! It is being delivered today. Love your style, lady! :)

  11. says

    I definitely think this is an upgrade from what you had before. Love the combination of the shagginess and the pattern. Hopefully it lasts a bit longer than the last one!

    • says

      Thanks, Leslie! I agree, and I hope it lasts for a good while. But I think I’ve learned that the price of kids and a dog might be a new rug every two years. *sigh*. Hopefully not :).

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