Kitchen Inspiration: Black French Doors

Can we talk about black french doors for a moment?

Inspiration: Black French Doors |

I’ve done something drastic with the doors between our kitchen and office, but before I share (and because I have one last little bit of paint touchup to finish), I thought I’d do a little convincing by sharing some beautiful inspiration today. What has surprised me most about my little kitchen makeover is the varying opinions of black on doors – you either love it or you hate it.

Inspiration: Black French Doors |

You can find sources for all of these images over on my Black French Doors Pinterest board (plus a few more!).

Inspiration: Black French Doors |

Aren’t they bold, dramatic, glossy and beautiful? Provides just the right amount of negative space in the above rooms, and in a way that deeply saturated color (or lack of color) sort of grounds the spaces.

I will finish up those paint touchups lickity split and be back soon to share our black door kitchen addition.

PS Until then, just in case you’re curious, our kitchen reno posts from start to finish can be found here.

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  1. says

    I like the thought of black doors, but probably couldn’t bring myself to actually put black doors in my house. At least not this house….it’s just pdark most of the time. Though I can’t wait to see yours, you always seem to find a way to prove me wrong!

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