Happy Halloween!

Today I’m putting a few last minute touches on Liv’s costume (we have a family theme this year – Kev, your costume is finished, right?) and on our home decorations for a little post trick or treating potluck with friends.

Hope you have an awesome time tonight whether you’ll be dressing up, hopping house to house with kids, passing out candy at your own doorstep or keeping the lights low to snuggle up to a movie!

Adorable illustration found here.

I’ll be back with more fun Halloween photos very soon.

Friday Guest Blog Interview: Jamie Herzlinger

Hi everyone, I usually have a new blogger to introduce during my Friday Guest Blog Interviews but today I’m excited to share an interview with a designer that has been garnering a lot of great press these days. Since I’m a home owner who dabbles (plays?) in design and am definitely not a professional, I thought her answers to the usual four questions were especially interesting!

Here’s Jaime’s official bio: “Mixing haute casual with modern elegance, Jamie Herzlinger specializes in bringing luxury and comfort to each room she designs. By blending diverse elements and taking her inspiration from fashion and art, Herzlinger uses unexpected design elements to create livable spaces. With offices in New York and Scottsdale, Herzlinger founded Jamie Herzlinger Interiors in 1991. With 20 years of design experience and as a licensed contractor, Herzlinger has designed a wide variety of spaces from demolition to completion.


This year, Herzlinger participated in Kips Bay Show House in New York and worked with NBC’s Open House. Jamie Herzlinger Interiors was also named Top Twenty Interior Design Firm in the country by Traditional Home Magazine and will launch JAMIE, a new design concept that will bring Jamie’s design to clients nationwide.

Herzlinger’s interior design style is classically modern with attention to details, luxury and comfort. Sophistication and subtly also mark Herzlinger’s style along with her love of history, philosophy, music and art imbued in every project.”

Read more about her style, inspiration, favorite trends, as well as her three reader tips after the jump!…

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Office Makeover: Wall Collage Part 2

I’ve slowly collected items for the new wall collage in the office (read more about the inspiration here) and while it’s not finished, here’s a quick update on the progress.

Here’s the before where I took my favorite layout from this post and hung paper cut outs on the wall to get a better visual. Then up went the frames with their original artwork:

Some of the frames were cool garage sale finds, like this vintage guy that just needed a new photo. Actually the Chinese ship was very neat, but it didn’t work here. The bummer was that this frame had a paper backing and was oh-so-old, but I carefully removed the paper with an X-ACTO knife (the company sent me several to play with and I keep them in my pen container on my desk I use it so much), replaced the aged matting and added an illustration of birds – another garage sale find.

The wall didn’t look quite right – it needed more uniformity. I decided that while the frames matched in an un-matching sort of way, the mattes needed to be more in line. In terms of matting photos, I don’t stray from white or linen (the textural, grasscloth sort – not just the color) and so I shopped my usual matte locales: eBay, Etsy, Aaron Brother’s, Michael’s and even a few local mom & pop shops. Ebay and Etsy didn’t carry linen – and Aaron Brother’s and my local mom & pop stores (which I love supporting) quoted between $25-50/matte. Craziness. Michael’s came through with a low $10ish for a custom matte (which is awesome!) and I placed my order.

A few custom mattes with brighter, cheerier images has left me here:

The large watercolor was painted by Kevin’s Grandma, the floral arrangement is a favorite artist of mine (more on that soon…), the lower left landscape was a souvenir from our travels, and the beautiful blue butterfly was a recent find in Charleston, SC. I’ve searched high and wide for ethically conserved butterflies (aka not killing them to frame them)  and I found a great source – this artist collects butterflies that have already died on his butterfly farm.

I haven’t yet found the perfect piece for that oval frame up top but I’m thinking of showcasing an object on matte board rather than a photo (sort of like the butterfly). The more and more I look at the collage the more I’m thinking that I might have to replace the large frame’s matte for a white one – and that maybe the painting needs a new home and a ‘brighter’ family photo or illustration should take its place. The walls are so dark and the images play a huge role in brightening or darkening that corner.

There you have it! That’s the latest update.

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