Weekend Fun: The Pumpkin Patch! + 2 New Features

Let’s fast forward a bit through September and most of October and jump right into our most recent weekend at the pumpkin patch. I’ll have to come back to those previous months to add to our little virtual photo album – but what fun we had this past Sunday!

What’s the fall season without a trip to the pumpkin patch? And this little patch is so beautiful with all of the gorgeous gardens and ponds and big hanging trees… we’ve made it a tradition among friends and we look forward to it every year.

One of the reasons this year was so special was that it was Liv’s first trip! We played with pumpkins, watched a day-old alpaca and his mama, wandered the gardens and took plenty of pictures.

Here’s the whole group:

And a little reminder from last year, when I had the pumpkin in my belly:

A few more babies and a slightly bigger group. We keep growing.

Liv thought it was all awesome. Every last detail.

This is one of my favorite series. We’re wandering the gardens and Liv is getting dirty, like really really dirty. So she stops to check out what she’s crawling through and low and behold – after a closer a look:

Before anyone could stop her, Plop! into the mouth it goes. Thankfully she didn’t find it appetizing and I’m pretty sure that was her last wood chip snack for the day.

Did I mention that Liv is nearly walking? She can take 3 or 4 unassisted steps and it’s so exciting! It’s amazing how much a heart can swell with pride when that steady look of determination fills her face and she patiently lets go of the couch to attempt those few rocky steps towards you.

But crawling is much faster, so for fun days like this, she resorts to the easy stuff.

These gardens are so stunning! I’ve never visited a pumpkin patch with so many nooks and crannies full of beautiful finds. You would never know it was fall here in San Diego because we’re still surrounded by green, green, green and 70-80 degree weather.

Last but not least, we attempted a few family photos:

After the pumpkin patch we headed to a friend’s for our annual chili party. So delicious and such a perfect Sunday.


PS A couple new additions over here!

1. You may have noticed that the blog now has a ‘You Might Also Like’ feature that pops up under each post.

2. Now you can ‘like’ a post without having to comment, simply tap the plus sign next to the heart shape at the bottom of the post and show some love for your favorite posts or ideas. It’s not the same as ‘liking’ on facebook, in fact it’s not linked – it’s just a cool little gadget to tap if you like what you’re reading (non-commenters, I sympathize with you).

Office Makeover: Organizing the Bookshelves

My office is now in functioning form. It’s not finished but it’s an open space for me to disappear to every day to log hours and to finish both work and fun projects.

I love having my own space! It’s wonderful. Every detail has been so liberating – from organizing my file structure and having a place to store work materials (my 9-5 job), to finding a home for every little craft object that participates in the clutter of everyday life around here.

Here’s a sneak peek at my organizing in action, please ignore those crazy wires (need to find a solution for those soon):

That’s a new curtain, too! I created that for this project early last year and realized very recently how perfect it was color-wise for this space – it’s Cassandra Seaspray and it can be found here. The french doors between the kitchen and office are glass so it can be difficult  to ‘disappear’ when Liv’s nanny is over to help play with her while I’m working. Plus, guests get a little privacy in the room.

Here’s the desk – clean and clear. Knowing me that won’t last long.

I used a combination of Target and One Kings Lane fabric boxes, See Jane Work brown portfolio boxes and metal baskets, and West Elm white lacquer magazine butlers and file cabinets to outfit the shelves. The look I’m hoping to achieve is organic – plenty of mixed textures and naturals colors.

I’ve learned an important lesson after having a few work spaces: you must love your organizational tools and the way your office looks when tidy, or you’ll never aspire to it at the end of a long day.

That big gap there on the left is where the printer will sit. It’s nice and close – none of this wireless business that would *sometimes* allow the computer to communicate with the printer on its own free will.

Here’s an angle of the desk and left bookshelf. I have to soak in as much clean and clear desk as I can now… it may be a while after my organized desktop chaos takes over.

Treasures include an estate sale yellow glass candy jar that doubles as nook to stash rolls of ribbon, a wax bird from West Elm (on sale) a See Jane Work metal basket that houses fabric remnants I’m currently working with (the rest are sorted by color in the big OKL fabric boxes at the bottom of the shelf) and a favorite photo of Liv and I printed on glass (have you heard of Fracture? I discovered it through a Groupon). I still need to take some time to label all of the boxes. Labeling, labeling is awesome.

I brought this ceramic urn back with me after our trip to Iowa for RAGBRAI. I found it at a little garden shop in Woodward, IA and managed to stuff it in my suitcase. Now it’s home to paint swatches that we frequently pull out when working on the house.

All the while I was working on this particular afternoon, Liv gleefully watched on from her chair in the kitchen. Moms have got to take full advantage of nap and meal times!

Ordering all of the office organizational supplies can be a daunting task, and I find that having a clear layout where each and every object will go is helpful. I made this rough sketch before purchasing supplies and it helped to determine how many of what was actually needed.

I deviated from plan a bit, but all in all I’m less distracted and more on target with a careful plan laid out in advance.

Man this is a tough room to photograph – too narrow! But here’s one last shot before all the techy stuff is added back in:

PS I need a camera expert – what’s the ideal setting for indoor photos? What a steep learning curve this new SLR camera is! Indoor photos especially…

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Halloween’s ‘Best Of’ Round-Up

I was reminded today that Halloween is 7 days away! For some reason it feels like I still have a good month to prepare (we’re hosting a party and I’m in charge of the family costume), time to get a movin’.

In honor of the approaching holiday, here’s a round-up of some of the most inspiring Halloween decorating ideas I’ve found out there in the blogosphere.

Are you ready? Let’s roll.

Best glam party: This vintage glam dinner party by Suzanna at Mon Tresor is fantastic – I love the colors and I love the details. Thanks, HWTM for posting.

Best harvest porch: This one’s a tie between Kate’s (over at Centsational Girl) harvest spin and a Pottery Barn porch (it captures the ‘spooky’ category) that’s been spinning around the internet. And since I’m not as much of a goblins and ghosts kind of girl, I fully appreciate the harvest color palette.

Best 5 minute craft: These vase mummies by Hi Sugarplum are super clever, super cute and look super easy.

Best simple statement: This tablescape is low key and looks fairly low budget, but it’s perfect for this time of the year and it still looks stunning. I like that it’s reflected again on the mantel:

Best outdoor display: Simple Country Living created an awesome faux fireplace with all the spooky fixings.

Best inside decor: This one goes to Sherry’s white snakes over at Young House Love. Who would have guessed that creepy crawly decorations like these were as easy as wooden toys and some spray paint?

Most creative: Both of these ideas are so unique and creative that I had to include them. Neither of the images were sourced when I found them floatin’ round the web, if you know of the author, let me know. Maybe Martha?

Best mantel: So many inspiring ones to choose from but I really love Kim’s Halloween mantel (of TomKat Studio), and I love that printable banner:

There are so many fun and fantastically executed ideas out there, but I hope this little round-up gives you some inspiration for any last-minute preparations!


PS Come visit me at Simply Modern Mom where Tiffany has asked me to share an over-used recipe – which for our family is Kevin’s delicious homemade chicken stock! Go homemade and you’ll never go back. It’s the base for so many delicious meals in our house :). And a big congrats to Tiffany on her new baby girl!

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