2nd Blogiversary, Day 3: Meet & Greet + PDB Stats

It’s day 3 of celebrating the 2nd blogiversary of PDB! I promised a Meet & Greet on Monday and I thought it might be fun to share a little more about our family and the blog. Those of you that are not family or friends might appreciate a bit more insight, and we’re cool with a little transparency over here. If I don’t mention something that you’re specifically wondering – feel free to ask!

So… grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. Let’s officially meet & greet.




A few things you may not know about us…

Married: 4.5 years (more about the big day here)
Homeowners: 3.5 years (more about that journey here)
Renters: 5 years (Morgan), 4 years (Kevin – do military barracks count?)
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California (Morgan) Tempe, Arizona (Kevin)
Alma Mater: University of Southern California to study Business Ethics & Leadership (Morgan), New School of Architecture (Kevin & in progress)
Dying to travel to: Machu Picchu (Morgan), Ireland (Kevin)
Favorite nightcap: White Russian (Morgan), Crown and coke (Kevin)
Favorite room in our home: the cozy living room (Morgan), kitchen (Kevin – king of the kitchen)
Pets: 4-year-old yellow lab, cockatiel (I’ve had this little birdy since I was 9!) and two chickens

And just for fun…

Olivia: 10 months old (today!)
College: TBD (I reinforce my suggestion with a USC onesie in each size)
Renter: 9 months (does mom’s belly count?)
Dying to travel to: Down the street to the local park
Favorite nightcap: Mom
Favorite room in our home: any room with low cabinets and easy to open drawers, please.


I know it’s not too common for blogs to reveal the behind-the-scenes of visitors, pageviews and who’s clicking around where, but I thought that a yearly sneak peek at PDB’s stats might make this blog a bit more transparent for our readers – and PDB wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

So, here it is. Here are the digits:

Average daily readers: 4,400 (SiteMeter.com shares that PDB has somewhere in the 2,000+ range of daily organic readers (aka those that read the blog directly on the internet) + nearly 900 email subscribers and over 1,500 who check out daily posts through their Google Reader)
Monthly visits: 132,000 (the above numbers equal roughly 60,000 monthly blog readers who visit via the web and a total of 72,000 visits from those who check in on a post through email and Google Reader). Anyone know how to check stats on readers other than Google? I’ve always been curious…
Monthly pageviews: 200,000 (of those 60,000 organic visitors, the average pageview is 3.9 – so that leaves us with just over 200,000 total per month)
Facebook friends: 1,719 last time I checked. Join the love here.

The Business of Blogging is a crazy one, and I’m no expert, but if you have any blogging questions that I might be able to help with, I’d be happy to give it a shot. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the Comments section.



Our little Spanish bungalow is nestled in a cozy, walkable neighborhood in San Diego. Liv and I walk down to the library for story time once a week, we have a teeny two room cinema that plays the best foreign films, a delicious Mexican hot chocolate can be found at our local coffee shop on the corner and we adore our neighbors. We found a gem.

Age of home: She was built in 1935 so our home is 76 years young
Rooms before: kitchen, dining room, living room, den, two bedrooms and one bath
Rooms currently: kitchen (in old den), dining room, living room, three bedrooms (one is a guestroom/office that’s now in the old kitchen), two baths (one currently being built from three adjoining closets)
Room makeovers to date: kitchen (from den), nursery, living room, outdoor kitchen
Room makeovers in progress: guestroom/office (from old kitchen), new bathroom
Room makeovers in the pipeline: dining room, master bed & bath, outdoor deck

A glance back at before we moved in:

A few pics from how the house looks today:

Check out more ‘before’ pictures here!



First, I want to thank you for taking the time to check in on this little blog. I feel so honored to have you guys as readers. Thank you for the opportunity to grow this blog with you, and thanks for hanging in there through these past two years. Here’s to many more.

IF you feel so inclined – I would love to meet you! It’s already been SO cool to hear your answers to the giveaways from Monday and Tuesday. Feel free to share in the comments any of the following!

1. A little about you: first name, your family stats (married? single? kids? grand kids? bun in the oven??), your blog (if you have one!)
2. Q’s about PDB: how long you’ve been reading, where you found us (giveaway question from Monday :)), what you tune in for – it’s a hodge podge of topics over here! (giveaway question from Tuesday :))
3. Feel free to ask anything else… the business of blogging, home info, why Kevin always wears the same green jumpsuit in all pics, when Liv took her first step…(you can always email me at: morgan at pepperdesignblog dot com, too)
4. And just for fun
: If you could travel anywhere? and what’s your favorite night cap!

There you have it! The backstage of PDB is revealed. It was so nice to *meet* you.

2nd Blogiversary, Day 2: DIY Pack Giveaway!

I have the perfect giveaway lined up for all of you DIYers out there. HomeRight, Purdy Paintbrushes and X-ACTO are teaming up with me to offer a CommandMax HVLP paint sprayer, 3 pack of amazing paint brushes and an awesome utility knife kit (including a super helpful mat) to one reader!

Imagine how easy painting furniture will be with a product that provides professional grade paint and stain finishes (no brush marks!). This low pressure sprayer that is perfect for projects around the house.

Professional paint brushes are a MUST when it comes to any type of painting or staining DIY project. Use well-made brushes, take good care of them and you will always be happy with your results! Purdy is offering a 3 pack (the perfect sampler) of their high-quality brushes as part of today’s DIY Giveaway.

Have you heard of their Save the Walls campaign? Head on over for to find tips, frequently asked questions and projects by HGTV’s very own Lisa LaPorta!

And when it comes to day-to-day handy tools I cannot recommend an X-ACTO knife enough. I’ve used it for little projects like separating a lampshade from it’s frame or taking apart an old picture and matte, but here’s a link with over 300 creative and quirky uses for the tool!

The prize pack includes a Retract-a-Blade knife, Designer Series Gripster craft knife and a self-healing mat.


Giveaway: A Command Max HPLV paint sprayer, 3 pack of Purdy brushes and an X-ACTO prize pack! So awesome! A second X-ACTO knife prize pack will be sent out to the runner up.

Blogiversary Question to Enter: Since it’s a week of celebration for PDB, I would love to know… what do you tune into Pepper for? There are so many tangents posted here: home renovating highs and lows, family adventures, entertaining & party inspiration, wardrobe stye boards, crafts & DIY projects that I attempt (or that catch my eye) and even the occasional recipe. It’s a hodge-podge to say the least.

For Additional Entries: Become a Facebook fan of HomeRight, Purdy, X-ACTO or Pepper Design Blog and leave a separate comment for each additional entry!

Giveaway ends Friday, November 11 at midnight PST, winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following Monday. Good luck!


And don’t forget about the EmersonMade gift card giveaway from yesterday!

2nd Blogiversary + EmersonMade Giveaway!

If you want to witness the most wonderful smile, give a baby a big balloon! No, Liv did not magically jump from 10 months to her first birthday, but it is Pepper Design Blog’s 2nd birthday! And we’re celebrating all week long.

I have such a fantastic line-up for you this week! I’m hosting a meet & greet (complete with bite-sized Sprinkles cupcakes and cappuccinos for everyone) tomorrow, announcing an AWESOME addition to the blog on Wednesday and giving a quick look behind-the-scenes to the happenings of everyday life over here later in the week.

Pair that with several fantastic giveaways from companies that I personally reached out to (so I that I can fully recommend their products) and that’s my celebration week in a nutshell.

There are just a few changes to announce today as well. You might notice my new little bio pic with Liv over there in the right sidebar, and if you click that new pic a brand new ‘About PDB’ page will pop up. Something to do if you have a bit of down time at the office.

If you read all the way through the About PDB page you’ll quickly notice that Pepper actually celebrated its birthday back in September. But there was so much going on that it flew right by without a second thought! So November is the blog’s honorary blogiversary this year ;).


EmersonMade Giveaway!

Let’s start off the week of celebration with a giveaway from one of my favorite companies! I fell in love with EmersonMade back when they specialized in the most beautiful fabric flowers – and now this hubby + wife team has jumped to a full line-up of chic clothing and jewelry that I adore.

Emerson designs all of the clothing and is the model for each photo that her husband Ryan shoots. Their clothing is sophisticated, sexy, well-made and timeless. You will definitely love their little brown tweed blazer in ten years as much as you will today. Other awesome items include their line of blouses (love these), denim, necklaces and even linens (see shot below with the flowers that used to be their trademark). Man, right about now I really wish I could enter this giveaway.


Giveaway: A gift certificate for $75! 

Blogiversary Question to Enter: Since it’s a week of celebration for PDB, I would love to know… how did you find Pepper Design Blog? :)

For Additional Entries: Become a Facebook fan of EmersonMade (they dish all of the good stuff on their FB page – including a great promo code for an additional % off right now) or Pepper Design Blog and leave a separate comment for each additional entry!

Giveaway ends Friday, November 11 at midnight PST, winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following Monday. Good luck!


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