Computers Don’t Always Play Nice…

Hey there! Sorry for the blogging lull over here… you’ve been hearing crickets for a while now and I’m awfully sorry for the lengthy pause. Between traveling for work, internet connectivity issues and WordPress database errors (ah! as of today wp is still acting up! anyone else?) I’ve been virtually blockaded from the blog.

Which is especially disappointing because I have quite a few projects in the pipeline, including: a DIY curtain project (DIY fabric art, I should say), several handmade art additions for the new wall collage in the office, a dining room redesign (that’s been running through my head and I’m so excited to start tackling), guest bath updates (woohoo!) and a baby shower in the works with a theme that just might be influenced by this post.

I left home suddenly last week after sad news and didn’t prep or shoot any photos prior to my departure, so I’ll leave you with the following lovely inspiration as we head into the weekend:


Wait – are no pictures loading? WordPress…. you’re killing me.

Anyways – see you next week when my head is spinning slightly less and my computer (and wp!) are back on their feet… and are ready to play nice again.

Office Makeover: The (New) Inspiration Board

Thank you so much to everyone who sent their condolences yesterday, I really appreciate the notes. I’m so grateful to have such kind readers! We’re back from Omaha and the dust has settled, it’s good to be distracted.

I thought it might be fun today to share the ‘inspiration board’ behind the new office. This isn’t an exact and I’m sure our minds will change again and again over the next month, but it’s an outline that helps to narrow down furniture, accessory and ‘do we need this?’ choices.

Back before we were even close to finishing the space, I shared this layout idea (with an initial color palette) and these inspirational rooms. Wow, much has changed in the last eight months! But you know, looking back so many ideas have stayed the same, too. Some stuff just sticks with you.

Key pieces in the above room include: a desk, bookshelves, refrubished credenza (not pictured), wallpaper for credenza, grasscloth, new platform bed, a wooden office chair (I’ll add plenty of padding to make it comfy), a French-style occasional chair (a Craigslist find like this would be so cool), bedding, window curtains, side table with a handmade skirt, new lamp and chic office organizers. So I’m maybe half way through the list?

Inspirational fabrics include: Arden Chocolate by Ballard Design, Joann’s Dot Brown, Calico Corners’ Thomas Paul in Silhouette, Aviary Thomas Paul in Robin, Robert Allen Roman’s Circle in Pool and Thibaut’s Jubilee Collection. Love, love, loving these prints!

Creating an inspiration board is usually high in my process for building out a room. It keeps you from distraction and really focuses you on the functions and feel of your finished space – it’s especially useful if you’re tempted with an impulse buy!

Wow it feels like the office is ALMOST there! Especially considering the room started as this:

And once the kitchen was removed (and the wall between the old office and kitchen was knocked down), turned into this:

Little by little!

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In Honor of a Special Grandma

Hi friends & family, some sad news over here at the blog today. My Grandma passed away this week and, because this blog has turned into such an important journal of our lives, we thought it would be appropriate to share a few of her memories.

Grandma Rita was a generous and kind woman – someone who has left a mark on many many hearts. While her passing has been incredibly difficult, her life was abundantly blessed! Here are some photos that make me smile:

I love the photo with her family, Grandma is the last on the right in the bottom row (oh those glasses! and that hair! so trendy).

She was born in 1935 in a little farm in Earling, Iowa – a teeny tiny town of maybe 300. We still visit when we’re in that neck of the woods and we still have plenty of family there. Grandma married her high school sweetheart (to none other than that handsome Julius in her high school class picture) and had three children of her own.

Here’s the entire brood:

That’s my mom there in the middle in the left photo, and that ornery (Grandma’s favorite word) one in pink overalls who’s refusing to play along on the right is me.

Grandma married again about 10 years ago. She was so so happy in this photo on the left. In February, just after Liv was born, she came to visit Kevin and I, and we took the opportunity to take a photo of the four generations:

So special.

I found all of these great photos while helping to sort through binders at her home in Omaha and I’ll cherish the memories they bring. We’ve had our chance to say goodbye – but it’s consoling to know that now she’s looking down on us from heaven, and will continue to watch her family grow and flourish.

Grandma, we love you.

Morgan, Kevin & Liv

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