Friday Guest Blog Interview: Second City Soiree!

Today’s Friday Guest Blog interview brings us to the heart of Chicago – and over to the blog of a delightful hostess who shares her favorite tips, tricks and etiquette know-how on a daily basis at Second City Soiree. As an event coordinator with some of Chicago’s major venues, Jen artfully intertwines the expertise of hostessing large celebrations with her love of smaller events at home. was founded in 2008 by Jennifer, a Chicago native who considers the seemingly simple task of “having people over” a fine art (that can be fun, engaging and creative!).

Whether you’re hosting a party, dinner, luncheon, shin-dig, shower, barbecue, tête-à-tête, fiesta, or yes – even a soirée – you’ll find helpful ideas and tid-bits to pull off the perfect event. One of my favorites: how-to videos that share delicious cocktail recipes and even a helpful reminder on how to properly set a place setting (does the bread plate go on the left or right side…)

When not writing and researching for Second City Soiree, Jen authors lifestyle articles for the popular Chicagonista site, a series on Gals’ Guide called First Time Hostess, and features on luxury goods and services for Simply Magnificent – the blog of the Ritz-Carlton Residences on Michigan Avenue.

One of my favorite SCS tablesettings:

Up next, Jen’s clever answers to PDB’s four interview q’s, including three party killer don’ts, the elements to planning your own soiree (and where you can and can’t cut costs) as well as secrets to where Jen finds her SCS inspiration!

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PDB is Guest Blogging Over at b*spoke Today!

Ribbon Necklace Tutorial 2

A couple of weeks ago Bethany asked me to guest post for her lovely blog, b*spoke. I was so honored and thought it the perfect opportunity to expand on another {design favorite} of mind: wardrobe inspiration. Jump on over to see two easy tutorials on turning simple strands of beads (and old necklaces) into modern & stylish ribbon jewelry!


On that note… I’ve been ever-so *wishful* that one day I might be able to expand PDB’s daily design inspirations to encompass everyday fashion too – expanding from the home & entertaining worlds to encompass all three of these ‘loves’.

What do you think? Is it too much? Do you come to PDB just for home inspiration, entertaining ideas, or both? Are blogs best left to their niche – and to what they do best? Hmmm… I’d love to hear your thoughts on what direction you’d like to see Pepper Design Blog go, or where you’d like it to stay! Do share.

Ribbon Necklace Tutorial 1

Rooms Inspired by the Month of February

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 5

Are you ready for spring yet? While it may be just around the corner, these clean and fresh looks inspired by the month of February couldn’t come at a more perfect time! A bit of winter… a bright, brilliant shot of pink or red calling in the spring… that’s what February is all about.

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 6

Making it Lovely has achieved the ‘February look’ spot on. How sweet is her homemade abode? I love Nicole’s pink chevron living room rug and that big, wonderful chair.


The best part? Nicole’s significant other doesn’t mind the pink a bit – in fact she notes in her blog that he casually defers to her for nearly all design queries (lucky), and she’s created a perfectly lovely space by incorporating the shade!

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 3

Graham and Green above (via 6th Street Design School) takes home decor love to a new level with cozy pillows and year-round affection.

More Rooms Inspired by February after the jump!

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