Favorite Fabrics: Calico Corners

I owe a big thank you to my fabric sponsor for the Stylish Spaces Interior Design Expo and TV appearance – Calico Corners provided the beautiful fabrics you’ll see over the next few weeks as I get a chance to post these projects and their easy step-by-step directions. ($20 coupon link at the end of this post!)

Projects included updating an old wooden headboard into a beautiful upholstered version, covering several lampshades, creating fun canvas boards, building a magnetic wall board (from an old dresser mirror) covered in a chic aviary print, covering chinese paper lanterns to really ‘spice up’ a party theme, simple diy night lights, using fabric for matting b&w pictures, lining an Expedit Ikea bookcase (this idea is so quick and easy for any bookshelf…) and a few more!

Calico Corner prints are modern, trendy and so fun to sort through to find the perfect look. I have had a wonderful time building quick and easy fabric projects out of the vast online selection and since my expo theme was a ‘design on a dime’ version of how to update your space, I knew that featuring home remodel ideas that involved small amounts of fabric (usually just 1/4 to 1 yard of fabric) was the perfect solution.

Here’s a quick link to a $20 off coupon from Calico Corners to get you started. To find the store nearest you (or order online – that’s the easiest for me!) plug in your zip code on this page.

Designing a Dessert Buffet on a Budget

When I came across this wonderful post over at Amy Atlas I new I had to share – who doesn’t love a beautiful, well thought out show stopper like a pearly white dessert buffet designed and decorated in a very wallet friendly way?

Wedding Obsessed created this delightful table spread for only $40! Going to show that it can be easy and affordable to build a beautiful bar at an easy price. {And it’s so lovely to look at…}

On the menu:

1. 1 bag of large marshmallows
2. 2 Bags of heart shaped chocolates
3. boxes of sugared doughnuts
4. 2 of Boxes of Oreo Cakesters (imitation whoopie pies)
5. Popsicle sticks
6. Mini yogurt pretzels (aka yotzels!)
7. Mini marshmallows
8. 6 dollar store jars (favors)
9. Pink mints
10. Mini cupcake mix with frosting and cherries
11. Mini meringues
12. Heart shaped cookies
13. Sparkling water

Total Cost: $40.00

Decor came in the form of pretty cake stands, spray painted white frames (a quick and easy project with thrift store pictures) and an old desk with a fresh coat of paint.

Keeping to the mission of cheap, cheap, cheap, labels and containers were made out of cut up Valentine’s Day cards, and jars disguised with paper made the perfect containers. Brilliant!

A Busy Weekend…

Woohoo! I have a working computer! I thought I might take a quick moment to catch you up on this past busy, busy weekend.

I woke up bright and early last Friday (3:30am!) to share a few projects on the local NBC 7/39 San Diego Morning Show. I was honored to be asked to guest appear and it was great fun. While I wait on the my little two minute video clip from the studios, here are a few behind the scenes photos of the local news station.

My birthday was on Saturday and I was thrilled to spend the day with friends in northern San Diego wine country. The hubby had one last surprise up his sleeve before the weekend was over – tickets to the Eagles (my very favorite) Sunday night. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday weekend!

A bit more on the expo (which was Sunday – told you it was a crazy weekend!) and a series of DIY fabric projects just around the corner… now that I have my computer back I can finally sort through these photos and put some fun posts together!

Thanks for all of your support.

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