A Bohemian Celebration Full of Bright Colors

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Looking for a unique party theme for Christmas or New Years? Top Party Ideas shares a very festive bohemian spread that would be perfect for either holiday!

Bohemian Celebration 2 New Years Christmas

I love the bright colors and sparkly details! Martini glasses filled with pastel mini bulbs and gems as well as the stacked paper lantern ornaments are a few of my favorites (check out this post on handmade paper ornaments to replicate the combination)….

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A Few *Christmas Ornament* Ideas Found Today


While we may have all seen this neat idea before, I thought I’d take a quick moment to point it out after finding this ‘ornament chandelier’ in a shop in Port Douglas.


So easy to make! These would be beautiful from any hanging lamp pendant or chandalier — or inside a window frame for a glittery display.


These yarn ornaments (or decorative party spheres for any other time of the year) were also showcased in a little eclectic shop here. They’re made by: wrapping yarn or thin colored twine around a perfectly round balloon, covering yarn in a glue + water mixture (similar to paper mache), and waiting until dry before popping balloon. So fun! GIANT ornaments hanging from the ceiling, a staircase or from the mantel in front of the fireplace (when it’s not in use, of course ;)).

Now… where to find said perfectly round balloon…

Adventures in Australia… Part 1


We’ve made it here safely… after 40 hours of traveling by plane, train and automobile (okay, no train involved) we have reached our starting location of Port Douglas, Australia — directly across from the Great Barrier Reef. I’m one suitcase short (actually, the only one that I brought…) but have made do while the airline sorts out their ‘accident’. The accents of the agents at the desk keep me from losing my temper and only make me smile… despite the lack of clothing that I now have.

After a bit of touring the marshy wetlands of the upper territory, including a fantastic trip into Daintree forest, I’m using this day to relax, sort through local markets and recover. Hope you enjoy a few photos from the rainforest journey :).


Yes, that’s a crocodile. And there are quite a few up here in this neck of the woods. Thankfully I didn’t encounter this fellow sunning on the beach as I had been warned I might, but he was hiding in the shadows here on our boat trip up the Daintree river….

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