Friday Guest Blog Interview: A Room Somewhere

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Happy Friday! I’m delighted to bring you Pepper’s featured guest blog interview this week… Leslie of A Room Somewhere!

Leslie shares her fabulous finds — be it design for the home, fashion for the closet or Etsy inspiration for every day living — on a regular basis and her blog serves, quite possibly, as the queen of wonderful giveaways {must check them out!}. Her inspirational style is fresh, clean and polished but it also evokes a wonderful sense of the old and new, and how it can be melded perfectly together. A tour of her home is a sneak peak at how heirloom spoons can share space with a modern parsons chair and silver platters can adorn the same walls that sunburst mirrors claim. I love that. That’s what decorating is all about — that beautiful fusion of what tells your story.

A Room Somewhere 8

Leslie has a lengthy list of guest posts… including My Favorite Things, Petit Elefanta , Tangled & True and Design Mom. This week she took time out of her busy day {a house full of three little ones} to answer PDB’s four questions: Leslie shares her decorating style, favorite tips and how her own design inspiration has circled the map. She has pulled together images to highlight all of this and more… And her work is wonderful!

A Room Somewhere is like a good book — I guarantee you’ll want to come back again & again with a warm cup of coffee and more than a few minutes to read, flip through, comment on and smile at all that Leslie treasures and shares. …

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Every Style

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

A few Thanksgiving centerpieces to mull over as you plan for the special day… whether your style is muted & soft or blazing with color there are so many brilliant ideas out there to give you inspiration. I’ve collected a few of my favorites from design experts around the web: BHG, Party Perfect Blog, HGTV and Cathie Filian.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces 2

Before you begin… choose your theme wisely. Will this holiday be traditional & cozy or modern & eye-catching? Choosing your color palate can be most challenging but incorporating just one ‘wow!’ color can make a huge difference. Bright pastels like orange, pink and green give your table a pop and are all over the place this season.

By the way, isn’t this idea of incorporating photos into a centerpiece runner a neat tribute to family?

Thanksgiving Centerpieces 3

Be out of the ordinary. Surprise your guests with unique elements that will make them remember this holiday for years to come. It can be as simple as a painted red branch, as crafty as ribbon wrapped paper lanterns or as unique as veggie candle holders (for those last two ideas, jump on over to the next page).

Where ever your inspiration comes from your guests will surely appreciate the extra effort!

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Before & After: Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

Before & After: Mirror

What a fun DIY project! Mirrors are both beautiful and practical and they belong in every room of the house — they open up space, provide extra light and reflect back all of that decorating love you’ve worked so hard on. My favorite mirrors are not the square, wood framed ones but instead are the unique mirrors that both compliment a room and might even serve as the statement piece.

DIY Before & After Mirror 2

Beautiful and stunning mirrors don’t have to come at a high cost — search around your own home for a mirror that has lost it’s character or find one in need of a good refashion at a local thrift store, and then let your imagination take off…

Before & After DIY Mirror 4

By applying a fresh coat of paint {following the examples of the above beautiful pieces: vintage black Crafty Nest mirror, tarnished gold High Street Market sunburst mirror and another Crafty Nest feminine mirror-turned-bulletin board} an ordinary or out-dated mirror is made over into a piece very worthy of your wall.

Not quite convinced? Follow the jump for more refashions using mosaic, ribbon and spoons (yes, spoons)! …

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