A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Peacock Party Inspiration: Beautiful Jewel Tones

Peacock Party Inspiration

I found this stunning picture on The Party Dress and loved it so much I went on the search for more gorgeous peacock finds. The colors are rich and beautiful — perfect for fall without being the traditional palette. I love the jeweled napkin ring above and am wondering if I can recreate on my own, could be a fun project. Plum, fuscia, emerald green, burgundy, cerulean blue… all beautiful!

Peacock Feather Party Inspiration 2

So much inspiration for any kind of celebration — I would love to see this turned into a beautiful bridal shower! Follow the jump for the where-to-find for this inspiration board. Continue reading

*Custom-Designed* Fabric & My New Curtains

Custom Curtains: Graphic Design

My living room is a room in progress: from day 1 of purchasing our little Spanish cottage in San Diego, it was my goal to get the living room in livable-lovable shape despite the rest of the construction in and around the house. This would be the room where we’d unwind from the day, congregate with friends, sip wine and read a book while a fire warmed our feet. My room requirements included friendly, cozy and just a touch of modern.

Custom Curtains: Graphic Design 3

I’ll pause here for dramatic effect… and to keep this post short. But follow the jump to continue my living room adventure & learn about my new favorite site: Spoonflower! Continue reading

Dexter Was Here: A Spin on the Halloween Party

Dexter's Dinner Party

This is so creepy. And yet the ideas captured by Amy Lau in her dining room refashion based off of the Showtime Dexter series is incredibly creative! It would be a very cool and unexpected twist on the standard annual Halloween party theme!

Dexter Dinner Party 2

The overall look kind of gives me the heeby jeebies, but you have to admit that it’s pretty genius. If you’re ready to recreate for yourself, here’s a little inspiration board I pulled together with help from This Next.

Dexter Dinner Party 3

Follow the jump for more pics and where to track down these gorey finds. Continue reading

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