A Golden New Year’s Celebration


Numbered champagne glasses (by Martha Stewart) have to be one of my favorite New Year’s party ideas… everyone is given a numbered glass upon arrival, and then as midnight fast approaches each party goer holds up their champagne to shout out their countdown number and cheers the New Year!

Apply window decals (for the easiest removal) to your own champagne glasses or add scrapbooking stickers to the plastic version.


For more golden ideas, check out Lollipop Events & Designs White Sugar Dessert Bar featuring delicious petit fours in New Year’s celebration colors. More gold ideas and buffet photos after the jump!…

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Baubles & Things… a Few Finds to Share


One of my very FAVORITE ways to explore a new city is through shopping… and I’m very serious. There is so much to be said of the culture, fashion and popular design of different countries and I embrace my treasures from abroad (dresses, shoes, jewelry…) and keep them near and dear often more than I would a traditional souvenir.


This is just a little something I’ve stumbled upon here… and an easy idea to replicate and share. I’ve been on the lookout for a suitable lengthy gold chain for pendants and baubles for some time — I found two $5 chains at Target that fit the bill and used my jewelry pliers to create a longer more stylish version.

While spending lazy days marauding from this little outdoor market to that, I’ve collected a series of fun pendants for said chain — and look what I found here in Aussie land! These glass beads are handmade and gorgeous, just what I need to remember again and again my time spent here. In the past I’ve found trinkets at thrift & antique stores, in bead & craft shops, online on Etsy & Ebay, and even in family jewelry cases past down through the generations.


A simple and easy necklace to keep memories and accessorize — even while traveling.

Adventures in Australia… Part 2


We’ve made it back to Sydney from the beautiful and very stunning Queensland coast (up there at the north eastern end of Australia) and I have a few fun pictures to share from our adventures.

It was far too little time in a place so incredibly gorgeous, but oddly enough we had the entire territory practically to ourselves. Rumor has it the Christmas wave of ‘holiday-ers’ comes in just about the time we headed back down south.


So above is our snorkeling destination — the husband is a certified diver but for some frankly frustrating reason my ears and equilibrium will not let me drop below 20 feet, so I stuck to snorkeling. It was wonderful regardless! The world below our beautiful shores is teaming with life — I wish we had the opportunity to spot THESE in California, but I felt incredibly humbled to be able to spend the afternoon with them here instead.


and these as well…


A family of five came chasing after our boat thoroughly enjoying the big wake we had created. WOW. They hung with us for nearly 20 minutes before swimming off to find another playmate. …

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