Get Your Fill… Cupcake Fill, That Is!

Cupcakes make the perfect little dessert be it for a wedding or kids party. But how to make them even more delectable and, oh, I don’t know, take it to the next level? How to add something unexpected and delicious – to make your dessert so much more than just a piece of ‘cake’? Fill ‘er up!

Here are a few finger-lickin’ ideas to make even the Hostess Cupcake officianado beam. Whether you’re a chocolate, lemon or chipotle (yes, chipotle) loving baker, these recipes are sure to get your attention (and those of your guests!).

“Why do you fill me up, fill me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down…”

I’m loving the sound of cappuccino cupcakes, and Brown Eyed Baker’s limoncello version must be heavenly!

My favorite way to fill cupcakes is by using a melon baller to remove a small piece from the center of each. Squeeze a small amount of filling (using a plastic zip lock bag with a pastry tip in one corner) in each cupcake hole and frost as usual (refrigerating between these two final steps can help keep your filling out of the frosting).

Ooooo how about these marshmallow, raspberry, mouse & chocolate options? Too many choices…

To really spice it up, try this Chocolate Chipotle del Muertos (with a dash of lime) recipe from Cupquake! Sure to knock at least a few socks off.

Marange smores and mascarpone filling, after the jump!…

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Friday Guest Blog Interview: Creative Hostess!

Last Friday’s Guest Blog Interview took us across the Pacific to Australia, today’s brings us around to the other side of the world and into the home of Creative Hostess, where Jenin shares her ideas and inspiration for kids parties and baby showers from the UK (new update: just last week Jenin moved with her family from the UK to the Caribbean! jealousy to ensue…).

Jenin has captured her niche perfectly – you would be hard-pressed to find a more delectable and inspiring collection of inspiration boards and ‘real parties’ for everything kids and baby.

In Jenin’s own words: “Creative Hostess seeks to provide ideas & inspiration to help you create fabulous & memorable children’s parties & baby showers (simply because I have a 2 year old bundle of fun!), because when everything else is gone, the wonderful memories will remain.”

Jenin launched Creative Hostess after losing her young sister in April of 2009, “that made me realise how essential it is to celebrate life, and the ones we love… it’s so important to take time to celebrate life’s moments, to share & enjoy time with friends & family, & to make every event special & memorable.”

A quick trip out to her magazine-style blog transforms you to a world of diy cupcake designs, color-coordinated princess & construction parties, and sweet-themed baby showers for every style of mummy-to-be.

Follow the jump for Jenin’s answers to PDB’s four interview questions, and don’t forget to check out the wonderful party inspiration boards she has assembled and shared (everything from an Ice Princess theme to Marie Antoinette and the book Good Night Gorilla!) – plenty of eye candy to go around….

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