Merry Christmas!

Christmas Card 2009 475px

Hope you’re having a beautiful Christmas day! Here is a little Christmas love from San Diego (though I’m not there right now, how beautiful are the fall colors from our Christmas card?) Contrary to popular belief we do have seasons on the west coast — though I do wish for snow every now and then!


Rooms Inspired by the Month of December


I must admit that I love this time of the year for so many reasons… gold twinkle lights, hot cocoa, Christmas music, glittens (I LOVE my glittens)…


To bring on the cheer all year long here are some of my favorite rooms inspired by the season (velvet red, deep green, glittery gold and snowy white make me feel warm and fuzzy 356 days a year).

Whatever colors inspire you this holiday, may they be cheery and bright year long!


Frosty the Snowman… Cupcakes!

Snowman Cupcakes!

These are too cute not to make this winter… and they’re really pretty easy! I found this great idea over at Cherrapeno (a very neat blog). The base is a cranberry cupcake, but you could really go with your favorite!

Snowman Cupcakes 2

The recipe calls for fondant and homemade icing for the melting snowman, as well as orange food coloring paste for the carrot nose, a tube of black icing for the eyes/buttons and red Smarties or M & M’s for the hat. Check out the entire recipe and step-by-step directions here!

Snowman Cupcakes 3

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