Black One Piece Swimsuit Roundup

Little Black One Piece Swimsuit Review | J Crew, Garnet Hill, eBay, Lucy

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Who doesn’t love a black one piece? Black is kind, a one piece is gentle on the figure. This post is for all of my mommas that might be postpartum or might just not be feeling an adorable colorful bikini this summer.

A month or so ago I shared that I was on the hunt for a flattering black one piece swimsuit. I sort of expected to order one or two, find the right fit, and call it a day. That didn’t happen. Long story short, my losing-the-baby-weight journey is coming along slowwwwly and everything is out of place. Our bodies might be incredible at growing and sustaining life (it’s all very worth it, of course) – but it also takes a heck of a toll on how we might look and feel.

So while prepping for some time in the sun I’ve had on my mind: black, slimming, hiding, comfortable one piece. Plus easy nursing.

Shopping in real stores is something that I gave up a long time ago, so I ordered the above suits (a little overboard?) to see if one of them would fit the bill. It started as a gradual process by trying on one or two, and then it snow balled into a I-MUST-find-a-great-suit quickly. One of the biggest challenges with any one piece (or any suit, I suppose) for me right now is in the chest area. I ordered up maybe 2-3 sizes with all of the suits to accommodate, but unfortunately that was the fail with 7 out of 9 of the above suits… It’s like all one piece suit manufacturers have collectively decided to sew for an A cup which is awesome if you’re an A cup. But if you’re a nursing momma that’s probably not true.

THE WINNER: I ended up loving the La Blanca ‘Island’ suit. A little bit of ruching (without going overboard) across the belly was complimentary, the straight-across top also ended up being much kinder over a v-neck.

Two more hints that I’d love to share:

1. Despite my winner, the bathing suit that I feel most confident in isn’t actually a suit. It dawned on me that my favorite yoga tops might actually make great bathing suit tops and so I shortened a Lucy camisole (love this neckline, see # 7 above) that is made of an exercise material that you would swear is bathing suit and paired it with hot yoga shorts (from here) for a tankini of sorts.

2. If you do go the suit route, after finding a suit that you love it’s worth a check over at eBay to see if it’s being sold new by a reseller. I found 2 of the above (plus so many more from seasons past). I ordered the J Crew crossover suit mentioned simply because it was listed for less than $20 and while it was a gamble that didn’t work out, I couldn’t believe the selection over there. My purchase allowed for returns (but check on that before purchasing).

Happy hot summer days :).

ps a great beach bag and hat. more favorites.

What Does it Take to Cut Back

Cutting Back |

I am on a mission and my mission is this: find a way to cut into my work hours and to make ‘part time’ a real solution for my job and my family. (by part time, I mean hopefully taking one full day or maybe two half days off each week.)

This is a goal – I don’t know yet if it’s attainable.

One afternoon to not stress about errands, one morning to actually watch a Livy dance lesson, a few hours after breakfast to maybe vacuum the entire house without insane how-fast-can-I-vacuum eyes and heart palpitations while staring at my watch pre-conference call during the week (always best done right after morning caffeine).

I’ve done the part time thing before and what it usually ends up being is a full time job at part time pay. It is much more challenging to take things off of your plate than to put them on.

It used to go something like this:
Me: I’m thinking about reducing my hours at work to take two half days with the girls each week.
Colleague: That’s a great idea, which projects are you thinking of giving up?
Me: None of them. Why?

And then I proceed to bury myself.

Once during a terrible maternity leave compromise (Taylor’s?), I worked enough hours each week to answer emails, put out fires, turn around simple requests from other departments. I had absolutely zero time to work on anything substantial, any awesome projects, any major strategizing at all. And I hated it.

Part time for me has meant that I become my own best admin assistant.

But this time around I’m planning on changing that. This will be a journey, not cut and dry. I’ll share what works, what doesn’t work, what shortcuts might exist out there and how I’ve found them.

I have already started to make subtle steps in the right direction… I hired an admin assistant a year and a half ago and am making a priority of reprioritizing her time. I began using sites like Fiverr, Codeable and Freelancer to outsource small projects (there is a learning curve here – I’m finding that sometimes it really is just better to do it yourself). I introduced a mandatory ‘off’ morning for a mommy group a while back (but I rework those missing hours into the other days at the moment) and even put it on my office Outlook calendar so no one would schedule a meeting during that time.

For full disclosure, I have the fortunate opportunity to work from home and so I occasionally pop my head out of the office to pick Liv up from preschool, to walk Taylor to the park and to bounce Marley on my lap while I catch up on emails. But I make up that time by coming back to the computer almost every night at 11pm to finish projects that inevitably need attention. And I want to see what life is like not doing that. I think it could be nice AND I think that ‘part time’ is what will save the maxed out mom from full destruction. The economy will thank us later ;-).


The goal: a 32 hour work week that feels balanced (for my family, for my job, for me).

Challenge of how to get there is accepted.

Wardrobe Style Board: Business Casual Fridays

Business Casual Friday Style Board | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

roll tab sleeve blouse | skinny jeans | wedges | leather tote | gold bar necklace | ring

Has anyone else been checking out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Two days left, I think that the sale officially closes Sunday night. There are a couple of things that I have just sitting in my shopping cart… so tempting :) but haven’t yet pulled the trigger.

A few items I always love are these blouses (I wear them for work with dark jeans, they look great untucked and I love how the rolled sleeves stay rolled), felt hats 1 & 2 (really great prices – definitely getting one more but haven’t decided which), and long gold necklaces. I’m also planning on trying out this bra on a recommendation (I hear Wacoal is a great brand, too – this is an item I’m on the hunt for). Did you pick anything up?

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