Everyday Stuff.

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

Everyday Stuff, August 2015

August has been such a busy month! It seems as though it just started last week, right? I’m ready for fall, but I’m not really ready for the transition from one season to the next. Summer has come and gone awfully quickly this year and the bigger girls both start preschool shortly. Moving from one season to the next usually means rearranging schedules in a big way, it’s great for a fresh start in designing how work & life will balance each other during the week, but also forces me to jiggle out of my tried and true daily patterns that I love so much.

Around here, we’ve been enjoying the salty air as often as possible, have visited the park MUCH (I’m taking two mornings off each week now! one for walks down to our local park and one for a bigger adventure such as finally using those annual SeaWorld and zoo passes regularly). I have no time at all, but somehow I’m using any spare moments to get crafty again. A cement planter workshop (with Elise at local Mona Lizzy’s) and a dive back into the sewing machine world with FOUR simple circle skirts under my belt now. I both remember why I love and hate to sew.

Marlowe is almost crawling! She’s got an awesome scoot. I knew it was bound to happen but this month I walked in on Liv giving T a hair cut. Taylor was thrilled. And I caught the aftermath on camera. Just barely.

I hope you’re having a beautiful start to your month, happy September everyone!

A (Nursing-Friendly) Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Summer (Nursing-Friendly) Capsule Wardrobe

It’s hard to find flattering and functional clothes when you’re a nursing momma. I thought I’d put together a little roundup of what has worked well for me and what I keep reaching for each morning. None of the above are exclusively for nursing, but you know, they make good use of buttons.

The heat has been killer here in San Diego over the past few weeks and I’m still loving my simple tees and jean shorts because they are beyond easy (oh man, there is nothing quite so perfect to just slip on when you’re being pulled out of bed by a preschooler :)), but getting a few dresses into my rotation has been something I have been set on to help beat the sun. With most of our closet still in big plastic tubs in the garage (under all sorts of stuff – though we are movin’ it on out!), I’ve been experimenting adding a few super inexpensive additions and I’m SO HAPPY I went that route this summer. I’m usually more focused on quality consignment pieces that I know will hold up well, but I haven’t had the time to hunt and so I scooped up Forever 21 finds from their online site and have been super pleased (nursing mommas – check out everything listed under ‘shirt dress’. you’ve never seen such a selection!). They may not last longer than this year (or maybe they will? a pair of my favorite work trousers are 10+ years old and good old F21) but $17 is worth it even if they get me to November.

Today, a summer capsule wardrobe – read more about the concept here – that I’ve worn into the ground (especially this light blue button up dress, I must admit at least once or twice a week). I’m ready to un-capsule myself but until then it has been an excellent six month exercise in better understanding what I need and what I really don’t.

Here’s the roundup:

1. Always and forever Rainbow sandals (the factory is an hour from my home so we swing by every other year or so to pick them up from the warehouse. they last forever).

2. I actually chopped these lightweight plaid dresses at the knees and have had the slits sewn up on the sides (not 14 anymore) but loved them so much that I kept both the blue and red versions from an online F21 order.

3. These simple tees from Madewell are super comfortable for summer, I wear my grey one often and eventually plan to order a couple of more.

4. This chambray sleeveless dress is amazing! Doesn’t look like a $17 dress and is quite thin (but not too thin) for summer + it’s roomie enough.

5. The cut of this racerback ribbed tank initially didn’t appeal to me but I was set on finding a black tank for my denim shorts. It’s actually over-the-moon flattering.

6. Another shoutout to lightweight layering scarves.

7. The Etsy shop that I purchased this necklace from is no longer around… similar Etsy shop though.

8. I found a black messenger bag that fits my laptop and a couple of diapers perfectly! Consigned this bad boy through an Instagram account that I follow and it may have been the find of the year.

9. Paired with my cotton tees has been either denim cuffed shorts or black denim shorts (linking to similar, found both of these consigned because I currently fit neither in my pre or post maternity shorts… have you ever heard of Buffalo Exchange? I think they’re pretty prevalent in the Southwest. That’s where I nabbed these).

10. That black one piece swimsuit that I love (winner, also here).

11. For whatever reason, this light blue button up dress has worked out so well. Prior to F21 it was holding down the fort as the sole dress in my closet.

12. I’ve mentioned these clogs before but they’re definitely worth adding to a capsule roundup. Purchased here.

13. A fourth and final Forever 21 short sleeve denim shirt dress with lots of buttons and that’s been receiving lots of love (despite that it’s inclined to wrinkle). Please last longer than November, dear shirt dress.

And that’s a wrap! If you were curious, I did end up keeping this bra from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and offer two thumbs up. Also, I’m ready for fall. So, so ready :). Anything knitted, I’m coming after you.

ps a fall & winter maternity capsule wardrobe

A (Secret Ingredient) Fish Taco Tip

Fish Tacos: A Surprise Ingredient!

A friend of ours was just out on a fishing trip and brought back a crazy amount of Yellowtail. Fish tacos are one of my favorite dishes, especially if the fish is lightly breaded and straight out of the ocean, and so we cooked up a great dinner the other night!

Here’s a tip that I think makes for an amazing fish taco: sprinkle goat cheese instead of cotija (Mexican cheese) on top.

Fish Tacos: A Surprise Ingredient!

There is something about that creamy texture when paired with slightly fried food + fresh vegetables. Oh wow. If you don’t want to go full fledged goat, try a 50/50 with feta or cotija. This is totally an American-ized fish taco, apologies.

Here’s how I make my fish tacos (very simple): slice fresh fish into strips (roughly 3/4″ x 3/4″), dredge in flour and dip into stirred raw egg, coat in regular bread crumbs (panko is a bonus) and finally fry lightly in hot vegetable oil until cooked in the middle.

Serve with chopped lettuce (a nice alternative to cabbage), halved grape or garden tomatoes and sliced avocado. My fish taco sauce this past week was a 50/50 sour cream and mayo mix with a tiny bit of adobo. I finished it by squeezing a quarter of a lime (ish) and stirring all together.

Fish Tacos: A Surprise Ingredient!

I love both flour and corn tortillas, I usually char them right on the stove top over the flame.

Now, on to the weekend! This weekend I am cleaning out our garage so it’s set to be a wild and crazy one. Part of me is thrilled to tackle it and the other loathing the thought of it. Hope that you have a relaxing and beautiful one :) with less mess and more paper umbrella-style cocktails.

ps good eats.

pps thank you, Brooklyn Limestone, for including me in your Die Ugly Toys, Die! series, haha! Hop on over to check out the girls’ wooden play kitchen that we built from Ikea furniture to coordinate with our own kitchen, plus a bunch of other great ideas!

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