Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2013 {Part 1}

Mother’s Day is right around the corner – 12 days and counting, which leaves us just about enough time to order a gift with the more reasonably priced option of snail mail shipping. Let’s call this Mother’s Day round up the ‘purchased’ version since I have a few handmade ideas posting soon as well. But who doesn’t love purchased and ready to ship presents?? Sometimes it’s easy that’s best. :)

Here are ten ideas that I’m especially keen on this Mother’s Day, whether it’s a special something that I’ve been eyeing for some time (helloooo beautiful Michelle Armas painting) or have in mind for someone else.

PS You can find plenty of additional great gift guides (inspiration boards and crafty ideas) here! Though that’s a link to all gift guides on the blog so you might have to search through a few to find some mom-quality ones (like this one).

1. I’m quite smitten with pretty storage containers these days, whether it’s for the office, a bookshelf in the dining room or to hold jewelry on my dresser. This pink lacquer box is very pretty and shiny.

2. Watches are my best friend and I’m rarely without one. I love this La Mer brown wrap watch! Perfect for everyday wear. I was tempted to post this one as well but didn’t want to overdo it on my favorite accessory. Maybe this second one is my favorite… maybe I’ll regret posting the one link to it on Etsy later…

3. I just splurged on a two strand version of this Crave Jewels mint & gold necklace. It’s as beautiful in person AND Erin (the artist behind the site) is offering 10% off with code ILOVEMOM.

4. Still head over heals for this Michelle Armas That Bowtie I Like painting. Sigh. Maybe a Mother’s Day gift for myself? Enter FIFTEEN at checkout for 15% off. Hint: small prints and canvas rolls are available at wallet-friendly price, too.

5. I’m Your Favorite Child card. Enough said.

6. With my poor green thumb I’m surprised at how frequently I’m drawn to garden-related gifts. These ceramic herb garden labels are so pretty and perfect for the Mom herbalist.

7. This is a last minute addition but it’s my new favorite morning ritual. I used to own this milk frother and it did an awesome job! However it broke after about a year so I’m trying out the Aeroccino Plus and hoping for a bit more longevity. So far I prefer the first version for the amount it holds, but the second for the froth and heated milk. Have you ever had steamed milk and foam in your morning coffee? Best way to start your day. Ever. I wake up an hour earlier just to enjoy a cup of coffee in quiet and read the paper.

8. Love the classic look of a Sailor’s Knot bracelet.

9. You cannot go wrong with a classic handmade coin purse in a beautiful, cross generational favorite print like this Missoni fabric.

10. If I have time I’m planning on assembling a few of these Printstagram calendars. We capture all of these amazing everyday moments and I can’t think of a better way to share! Check out Prinstagram for plenty of Instagram related presents.

Here’s the link to all of the gift guides posted on this blog one more time. 

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