Office Makeover: Refusing to Let Go… of My Favorite Chair

I am a sucker for a comfortable office chair. It could be old and ugly and torn and bruised because I’ve had it for so long, but if it’s comfortable enough for me to spend 8+ hours a day in, I’m sold.

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So I have this crazy old brown chair with wooden arms, a swivel seat and a slight rock when you sit down in it (which I love)… and it was not so pretty and was plenty bruised. A Craigslist find if I remember correctly, so it even had a crazy life in an insurance agency or brokerage house before me.

But it was soooo comfortable. (I think this might be the only before photo I have)

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Looks wise it drove me crazy. The fabric was indeed torn and bruised and faded in all the right places. At one point, for the sake of aesthetics, I found this handsome West Elm chair on Craigslist and gave it a go for a good couple of months. I really, really wanted to love it but even Kevin wanted oldie but goodie back in its spot.

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Sooooo I had it reupholstered:

Office |

Because those wooden legs and brass feet are kind of awesome. And I wanted to make it work.

Office |

Now she is old and comfortable and BLUE. That amazing upholstery velvet is buttery soft and the cushions are still just perfect for all day use.

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The wooden tones don’t work as well as I would like (the blue being quite cool and the wood being quite warm) but I do love that navy blue velvet and maybe, just maybe one of these days I’ll get around to sanding and restaining the wood.

I almost gave reupholstering this guy a go on my own, but that diamond tufted detail on the back of the chair had me scared. That and a new baby.

Office |

I am beyond thrilled with the finished result! I really could sit in this chair all day long. I often curl my feet up and rock back and forth and type away on that computer without even realizing that time is flying by. It’s that good of a chair.

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I’m really happy with how this office space is coming together! It’s messy in all of the right ways – my corkboards are full of inspiration and family photos and ticket stubs… I have boxes of both work and crafty supplies that sit side by side… my bookshelves are full of binders and portfolios and paint swatches…

New Office Floating Shelves |

It’s what I’m sure they mean by organized chaos.

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I am sitting on that very chair right now with sweet baby girl stretched out and sleeping in my lap. Life is good.

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A great start to the week!

PS More office makeover (can you believe this used to be our kitchen??) posts here.

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  1. Crystal says

    Gorgeous blue! Have you considered a silver leaf finish instead of traditional wood colors? I think it would be amazing, but really, any chair that’s holding a baby is already beautiful enough.

  2. says

    LOVE that blue fabric! As much as I like a good DIY, sometimes you just have to let the professionals step in. And having the little one would definitely count as one of those times! (Is it insane that I’m already missing those newborn moments? Enjoy them while you can!)

  3. Janelle says

    Love the ‘organized chaos’! That’s how I like to think of my office. ;)
    And is there anything sweeter than a precious newborn sound asleep on your lap??

    • says

      Organized chaos is my life these days! ;) and I don’t think there’s anything sweeter than a snuggle from a little baby *sigh*.

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