DIY Foam Bath Toys

We work hard to make bath time exciting around here. Liv loooooves bath time! And I truly appreciate that half hour (no joke) of time after work to make dinner, finish up emails or pick up around the house. No worries, her bath is in the middle of the house and we talk to each other throughout her spa time so I know she’s okay. Plus she’s almost three, the girl can practically swim across Nana & Papa’s swimming pool on her own. My little fish.

But new ways to make bath time fun? DIY bath toys! These squishy foam shapes are perfect for play time in wet, sudsy environments.

DIY Foam Bath Toys, Shapes & Letters |

When Taylor is old enough to bathe with her big sis I’ll have to pull out some of the smaller pieces, but prior to then Liv has requested various scenes, and for about $.50 a foam sheet we’re ‘creating’ them together. Then she plays away rebuilding them in the bath.

Current favorite scene? House and flowers. She frequently makes the flowers clouds and the windows building blocks in her world bathtub of imagination. When wet the foam sticks to the edge of the bathtub like so:

DIY Foam Bath Toys, Shapes & Letters |

The process for cutting these shapes out is as easy or detailed as you make it. Foam sheets can be found at craft stores like Michaels or on Amazon very inexpensively – one sheet will make an entire building block set or all of the letters in a first and last name (I think the sheets are generally about 12×18″ in size).

DIY Foam Bath Toys, Shapes & Letters |

To make detailed shapes, try tracing various objects with a pencil on the back of the foam (just don’t press hard) or keep it free hand, they are for kids after all!

DIY Foam Bath Toys, Shapes & Letters |

Super fun at the possibilities are endless. :-)

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  1. says

    Cute idea! This would be a fun replacement for the foam fish that have gotten kind of nasty in our tub over the last few years.


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