Good Eats: Mediterranean Lamb Sliders

Good Eats: Mediterranean Lamb Sliders |

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How was your Halloween? We had so much fun. We host an annual trick-or-treat party because our neighborhood is on fire for this particular holiday (the little loop around our house is alive with people and fun setups), and this year we brought our friends back to the house afterwards for an outdoor fire, slow-cooked bean soup and cider. Liv dug her little costume and wore it like a champ. T was the cutest little bumble bee you ever did see. I captured a lot of iPhone photos, but not a lot of ‘real camera’ ones.

These past couple of weeks we’ve been cooking up a storm around here, and I’ve decided that there is little that I love more than a really yummy slider. I would much rather a plate of mini sliders over one large hamburger any day, and I always jump at the chance to order these guys when we’re eating out at a diner-type restaurant.

Good Eats: Mediterranean Lamb Burgers |

When I was offered an opportunity to partner with the American Lamb Board to share a recipe with you all I knew immediately that it would be Mediterranean lamb sliders on a soft, toasted roll. This recipe makes approaching lamb easy – rack of lamb might not be a weekly occurrence but ground lamb can be used in so many wonderful ways.

The goal was to grill outside, but surprisingly we’ve had rain (!) here in San Diego (fall, I love you) and I grilled these up indoors on our range making them an even quicker meal to prepare.

Mediterranean Lamb Sliders

Makes approximately 10-12 sliders

2 lbs ground American lamb
2 tsp ground coriander
2 tsp ground cumin
2 Tb freshly chopped oregano
2 Tb freshly chopped dill
1/2 – 1 tsp each salt & pepper
1/2 of a medium sized onion, diced
1 clove garlic, finely diced
olive tapenade or whole Mediterranean olive assortment cut up
watercress, arugala or spinach
1 cup feta cheese (1/2 for burgers, 1/2 reserved for topping)
avocado, sliced
mayonaise (with dill & cumin optional)
a dozen dinner rolls, Hawaiian sweet rolls or mini hamburger buns

The trick to these guys is to purchase fresh, natural ingredients (think fresh dill and oregano) and to blend all of the wonderful Mediterranean flavors right into the ground lamb. …

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Around Here…

A Painted Pumpkin |

Around here, we are:

Sponge painting pumpkins with friends during a Thursday morning co-op preschool (that’s sticky-backed foam that we used for the faces – found at Michaels – to make kid-friendly smiles). Co-op preschool now joins the ranks of the many awesome programs in My Village.

Using up extra foam from the craft store to make Halloween-inspired bath toys (in the same style as this post).

Shocked that the weather is still kind enough for ice cream. And for short sleeves at the park (Taylor is all about the slide now! Not so much a baby anymore…).

Thinking about a Thanksgiving tablescapes (already) – this rustic, plaid one is perty.

Making slow cooked ham and bean soup for a potluck tonight.

Dreaming up a way to add this diy caramel apple slice bar, too.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting |

Thinking up a new spin (I know, again) on this recipe, but now as muffins with a cream cheese frosting and candy corns for Liv’s preschool class.

Totally digging these build-them-yourself gummy monster cocktail skewers!

Getting our costumes ready! T is a bumble bee that will be buzzing around her big sister, Liv in a flower pot costume. Kev and I are the gardeners, though I thought about dressing up the bump as a sprout (who gave me that great idea??) and Kev as a bag of fertilizer. Hahahaha ;)

Happy Halloween!!

Mornings Are My Special Time

Random Thoughts: Mornings |

Some mornings are hectic and wild and crazy, and they hardly feel like special or sacred time. I am also a night owl – not a morning person. But I have found that the hour just before I drop Liv off at preschool when the three of us girls are together making breakfast or playing in the bath, that’s the time that I love. We are fresh from sleep, smily and happy, full of energy for a new day.

Our morning routine is something like this: girls wake up around 8am and I try to have toasted waffles or oatmeal started so that as Liv pads her feet down the hall she can already sense breakfast. I love that Taylor calls out to me from her crib and when I put on a big goofy grin to round the corner and scoop her up, she squeals in delight. It’s as if she’s seeing me for the first time after ages of time apart. The girls eat and then they share a bath. When you have curly-haired kiddies a morning bath is always awesome to avoid tangles and such, and it’s a soothing way to start the day all around. Everyone gets dressed and we walk hand-in-hand down to preschool for 9am class.

I was reflecting on how valuable of a stretch of time morning is for me when I was hiring a new Tuesday nanny for Taylor earlier last month. I thought I might get a head of myself on Tuesdays and have the nanny come early at 8, but then I realized that that means I would miss out on one-on-one time with my girls before the real rush of the day begins, and I changed back the start time to 9.

I know what you’re thinking – an 8am wake up is late, and most mommas would be so lucky to have fifteen minutes of morning together time verses my one hour. If there is one thing that I am MOST grateful for when it comes to my current work schedule, it might be that flexibility right there.

Random Thoughts: Mornings |

For the past two months or so though, my morning routine has been putting me in an uncomfortable position.

I’ll preface by saying that, despite the awesome flexibility I’m allowed, children are mentioned so infrequently in my workplace that I’m not even sure if my boss of three years has kids (if he does, they’d be long grown. Grandkids? Maybe. I honestly have no idea.) Because of the new 9am school schedule this fall, I was having trouble getting back home to a regular 9am group office conference call after dropping Liv off (and running back to my desk). I was finding myself making up odd excuses when I called in a few minutes late and I hated the feeling. One thing was for certain though, I was not, could not mention that being a good mom was my reason for doing so.

The obvious fix would be to have Taylor’s nanny walk Liv to school. Easy peasy. But I dig, so much, that hand-in-hand stroll that us girls have as we talk about the exciting day up ahead (and stop to stare at a fallen leaf or let T run barefoot down the sidewalk yelling ‘walk! walk!). I also love that I get to connect with Liv’s preschool teachers personally AND that I get to give and receive big Liv hugs and kisses at the door.

I was agonizing over that fine line of responsible team member vs good mom. I did not want to make being a mom an excuse as to why I couldn’t be a good employee (I am the younger by many years to boot). That’s so hush hush in my work environment and I’m sure most everywhere.

I couldn’t handle the consecutive lateness though. Finally, I pulled one of the VPs of the company with whom I get along very well aside and mentioned the adjustment in school schedule and my new challenge. He immediately shared a story about a similar situation from when his daughter was in grade school and, without making any big note of it, bumped the group meeting back 30 minutes. No one even questioned.

Who knew that this big-to-me issue would be resolved with the right ask to the right person?

Many, many professional women go through life balancing both their home, their job and the big divider between the two so carefully. That’s a bummer. That ought to change because we women are valuable thinkers and doers in this world, AND beautiful children are a worthy excuse for rescheduling now and again.

For now, at this moment though, I am personally grateful that I get to embrace my mornings all over again.

Random Thoughts: Mornings |

Is it possible to be a full-time working, full-time mom? Big voices are challenging businesses to make that a reality, in some capacity, for any woman who wants it. Plus, the real pros and cons of working from home.

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