Master Bedroom Gallery Wall: Progress

The gallery wall that I had mentioned yesterday is slowly expanding from a few framed photos to a few framed photos + art. I’m still pretty indecisive about what will go where and what all will be included, but it feels good to be making progress. Sometimes it takes just one nail hole to get the ball rolling.

Here’s what I started with.

Gallery Wall Project |

Actually, my mirror-tuned-map project was here first, but I’m still searching for a new home for that guy.

To the left are two black and white photos from Liv’s newborn days two and a half years ago. I like the unusual mat sizes and square photos, but the pair may be split up or I might update one or both of the images with more recent photos.

Gallery Wall Project |

Before cutting out butcher block paper and making a scotch tape spectacle of the wall, I thought I’d play with a few configurations in photoshop.

Gallery Wall Project |

We’re making room for the living room TV in the bedroom (the living room is getting a TV upgrade). I never thought I’d be a fan of a TV anywhere we slept, but it turns out we rarely ever turn these guys on and when we do it’s to catch up on one favorite show and then crash. And there’s nothing like crashing right where you are. Kevin’s not sold (even though he’s the one that crashes on the couch mid show) but we’ll see how it goes with time. It is the extra TV for now.

Gallery Wall Project |

Writing the type of frame (I’ve been collecting a few here and there with this wall in mind) and adding a screenshot of possible art has helped to organize the random groupings.

Gallery Wall Project |

I’m leaning towards plenty of neutral colors, black and white photos/art and just a few bright pops of color. Like my painting that I did with Liv.

Gallery Wall Project |

Via computer, I thought that I was pretty confident with my layout until I actually did cut up pieces of butcher paper and taped them to the wall (much better than random nail holes – I’ve learned that mistake…). Then art began to shift its way around the space, and I learned that I might actually be in for a splattering of nail holes before I get this right.

Gallery Wall Project |

A few more pieces to find, a few more photos to print and frame, a lot more progress to come shortly. So far? One etsy ink painting, one thrift store find, one giant Costco print of the girls (from Taylor’s newborn announcement) and two b&ws from way back when. Those crepe flowers are working out well in here, I think they’ll balance the more colorful paintings out nicely.

But it’s making progress from here, right?

Gallery Wall Project |

I’m ready to find that replacement for my beloved granny chair, too. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to fixing it up quite like I’ve wanted to and this corner is asking for something a little more modern and a little less boxy.

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  1. Meghan says

    I sound like an utter shill but the 3M velco style picture hangers are a great solution for picture walls & the nail hole problem. If you hang it up and don’t like it then it is easy to take the wall tape portion off and reposition the picture. I have two areas with lots of small photos and drawings and would never have been brave enough to do it with nails!

    • says

      I actually hadn’t thought of that – I’ve used them for many projects else where in the house but that slipped my mind here! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. says

    We still haven’t given in to the television in the bedroom. That said, our room is right off of the family room, so it’s really not that far to go when we do crash. Love the gallery wall progress so far. It’s so hard to get those right, so I can’t wait to see how it ends up.


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