Girls’ Room Update: Swing Arm Wall Sconces

I know it’s been a very long, long while since I’ve updated you on the nursery (and, history is repeating itself, this room might actually be finished when Taylor is six months old just like Liv’s nursery). The three pieces of the puzzle that have been holding me up are: roman shades for the three windows, fabric for the window seat and light fixtures for the bookcases. I’ve struggled with these decisions (because all three are investment pieces) for months and months, and finally let it go. I decided that when the timing was right, the solutions would be found.

I’m happy to report that I’m almost there :).

New Nursery Bookshelves |

I found great fabrics for the roman shades and the window cushion, and I’m working on our lighting fix now.

What I would really love to do is to put swing arm wall sconces inside the bookshelves as reading lights for the new window seat nook, and as additional lighting in a space that has only one over head light (and no can lights just yet).

Swing arm sconces? lovely.

Girls' Room Bookshelf Sconce Ideas |

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

My thought is that I’ll mount them just inside of the bookshelves, like this:

Girls' Room Bookshelf Sconce Ideas |

1 | 2

But finding those lights has been tricky. Here are a few of my favorites (picture them all in brass):

Girls' Room Bookshelf Sconce Ideas |

School House Electric | School House Electric 2 | Unknown image from Tumblr
Wayfair | Joss & MainUrban Outfitters | Shades of Light | House of Troy

But most are in the price range of $200-350 each, with the only exception really begin the eyeball sconce from Urban Outfitters. I actually ordered two to give them a try, but they are too stubby for the bookcases (and the wide window in between). The space really needs a light with a swing arm to help span a bit of that gap. PS if you are interested in those UO sconces – I’m past my return date! Make me an offer via email.

So for the last six months or so I’ve been deal scanning, flea market scanning, craigslist & ebay scanning…

And then look what I found!

Girls' Room Bookshelf Wall Light |

The Angelo Cooper Contemporary Wall Lamp (say that three times). For $68 each. It’s a swing arm sconce, it has an eyeball-style head, it fits the bill.


White is okay, but for these lights to show up against an all white bookshelf and all white window trim, they’re going gold.


Rust-oleum Metallic did the job perfectly. Not too brassy, not too shiny, not too dull.

Girls' Room Bookshelf Wall Light |

To get a clean, non-dripping finish, I taped every little piece of this guy that wasn’t going gold (the front and back of the glass, black cord and electrical cords at the base) and then slowly sprayed the lights about 10″ above them with smooth, even arm movements in very thin layers. To coat everything, I probably applied five-six layers in total. The key for me with spray paint is go very light, and then to reapply.

Girls' Room Bookshelf Wall Light |

Now I hand it over to the electrician! The installation of these guys is just past my willing diy level (since they have to be mounted just right on wooden bookshelves that I love so dearly). Will keep you posted.

PS all girls’ room transformation posts right here. It’s all coming together!

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  1. says

    Ooohhh! Love them! I definitely agree that the Urban Outfitters set is too stubby. You’re so good at finding all the deals. Looking forward to seeing how everything looks all put together!

    • says

      Yes, I know, it was so disappointing because the price was so right! I love those sconces. If I didn’t have an eyeball sconce in my office as well, I’d find a new wall to install them on in our house :).

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