Wardrobe Style Board: Business Casual Fridays

Business Casual Friday Style Board | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

roll tab sleeve blouse | skinny jeans | wedges | leather tote | gold bar necklace | ring

Has anyone else been checking out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Two days left, I think that the sale officially closes Sunday night. There are a couple of things that I have just sitting in my shopping cart… so tempting :) but haven’t yet pulled the trigger.

A few items I always love are these blouses (I wear them for work with dark jeans, they look great untucked and I love how the rolled sleeves stay rolled), felt hats 1 & 2 (really great prices – definitely getting one more but haven’t decided which), and long gold necklaces. I’m also planning on trying out this bra on a recommendation (I hear Wacoal is a great brand, too – this is an item I’m on the hunt for). Did you pick anything up?

A Few Recipes To Try This Summer

Good Eats/Recipes for Summer

To eat…

APRICOT & FIG TART | pre-made pie dough can turn into something wonderful when paired with summer stone fruit.

END-OF-THE-WEEK NICOISE SALAD | for that simple act of cleaning out the whole veggie bin in the fridge in one fell swoop.

FARMER’S MARKET CUPCAKES | cream cheese frosting!

ROSEMARY & TOMATO TART | see apricot tart above (serve over a simple green salad for a delicious lunch).

GROWING GARDEN CUPCAKES | whole veggies in a cupcake = winning.

My Beverage Recipes for Summer

To drink…

CANTALOUPE & BASIL BLEND | not quite a smoothie, not quite a cocktail.

GRAPEFRUIT IN THE MORNING | a yummy alternative to a mimosa.

GIN & TONIC | a slight twist on the traditional – the perfect afternoon drink on a hot summer’s day.

Stay cool, friends. Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

Three Things…

Three Things... | PepperDesignBlog.com

Three things…

Summer family time: If I could bottle up summer and relive it in short bits all throughout the year, it would be these summer family moments that I would love most. Whether it’s a concert in the park, a library story time, an afternoon walking the bay waterfront or enjoying a bbq with friends – we make time for all of the good stuff during the summer.

The beach: For a family that lives in San Diego, it is a rare day that we make an afternoon of the beach. It’s a special treat! Whenever I’m there I remind myself how easy and free and available it is to us, and that we need to make it happen much more.

Sink baths: I am woefully bemoaning donating our foam bath sink insert (similar to this one) that we have used for all three girls over the past 4.5 years. Marley has officially out grown baths in the sink and for me it’s been one of those great growth markers that makes me suddenly realize how big she’s getting (and how fast!). I love filling the sink with warm water and sudsy bubbles for a little baby splashing right in the basin of the bathroom sink. On the plus side, all three will rub a dub dub in the bathtub together soon. That could be fun.

Happy middle-of-the week :).

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