Fall Etsy Finds

Fall Etsy Finds

floppy leather hobo bag | handprint pillow cover | oversized basketweave cowl | wool turban | apple coffee leather watch band | plaid scarf | mud cloth wall hanging

Because, despite the weather outside (at least in San Diego), this next season has nearly found us. I love etsy so much, the idea of supporting small artists and crafters is everything and more – and the selection is seriously unparalleled. Today, a roundup for fall. Who’s ready to get cozy? Happy start to your busy week, friends.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 26

I promised to catch you completely up to where we’re at in the bathroom and today is the day! It is a great feeling to be slowly moving items from the garage to the new closet (especially after listening to this book on Audible – I highly recommend, it’s also a very short!). It’s taken me 4 full weekend days to get about 75% of the way sorted through bedroom bins and a crazy garage, but even that doesn’t seem daunting after overhauling this baby:

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 8 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bathroom, Week 14 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 22

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 28

Looking quite finished, right? Who needs door handles, transitions and mirrors when you have chrome, cement tile and a big ole soaking tub? Not I. But I’m sure eventually we’ll miss those items and add them, too.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 28

The quartz for the vanity is in, the single glass pane for the shower is mounted, the door to the little toilet room is hung. We belabored all of those decisions – solid door or opaque door? is this glass pane big enough to keep water out? is the white quartz right with this vanilla-esq cement tile?

Back when we were well under construction, I lost an argument over this crazy 80’s cement block art installation:

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 28

Mr. Design decided it was absolutely made for the wall. Turns out that it lets in just the right amount of light for that wee small closet of a room that now holds a toilet. Nicely done, hun. Nicely done.

This vanity is everything and more. Oiled walnut in a simple, beautiful form without hardware or really much break in clean lines. It was inspired by several Pinterest images and our neighbor did an expert job in building it.

Let’s talk about that lower raw edge shelf soon in more detail. It is one of my favorite organic pieces in the space and we HUNTED for that sucker (both visually seeing it in our minds all year) only to find that it was crazy expensive, at least too much so for a shelf. Then against all odds our friend found the perfect fit in his backyard (he has an incredible collection collected from over the years). It was incredible! If you are looking for something similar in the San Diego area, try Made Lumber. Imagine a few white rolled towels there on the right side, it will look sweet.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 28

The mounted tv was one of the first things Kevin installed using our favorite SANUS hardware. We’re not really tv watchers but there is something cozy about curling up for a show at the end of the day. We had the tv and the hardware on hand so it made sense to float it in this little corner. Maybe we’ll get hooked on a new series :).

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 28


The salvaged beam has been cleaned and oiled! She shines so beautifully now. There are a few spots we might have to go back and fix but I love how knotty and irregular (like those big chunks that are missing) she is. It feels very organic and raw, a nice balance to the quartz below.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel: Week 28

The start of our furniture is ordered and on its way… and the closet is up next for a better dissection on how we handled clothing storage in such a tricky room. We are hosting a big garage sale next weekend in hopes of selling our old bedroom furniture/rug/lamps to make a little dent.

Source list (or the start of): 
Cement floor tile: Agadir by Cement Tile Shop
Glass shower wall tile: Ponza in the Islandia series by Arizona Tile in 4×12″
Ceramic 2.5×10″ subway tile: (alternating between shiny and matte) from San Diego International Bath & Tile
Quartz (for the tub surround and vanity countertops): White Zeus Extreme Quartz by Silestone
Vanity: walnut, handmade
Chrome fixtures, bathtub: c/o Kohler Purist line
Paint: c/o 75% of Droplet by Dunn-Edwards
Bedside sconces: Tryon by Cedar & Moss
Vanity rod pendants: Timberline by Cedar & Moss
Three blade ceiling fan: c/o Lamps Plus

ps our renovation from the start and the original inspiration board (which has changed quite a bit!).

On Life With Three…

Thoughts on Three

Happy day-after-a-holiday! Hope that the weather and grill treated you well wherever you spent it.

Do you remember that top photo? Marlowe is 6 weeks old (photo by Katie Beverley) and we used it on her birth announcement. I LOVE the sincere joy and revelry that shine through in what is as close to a three-sister-embrace as can be. Such happy big sisters. The photo below is six months later. Almost on the nose. I noticed on that particular morning that I had dressed the girls in similar colors (something that I do frequently and completely subconsciously until I see it hours later) and had made a little note to remember to snap a photo. We were at my parents and that six-week-old shot jumped into my mind.

These past six months have been all over the board. The learning curve was INTENSE and the battle for sanity lost so frequently that I almost couldn’t handle the roller coaster. You know that it’s been an overwhelming day when you hit the bed at night and slam into dreamland without the chance to set your alarm or scroll email one last time.

*I have loved the adventure – these three merry girls are (for the most part) sweet and kind and always up for some fun.

*Marlowe in our lives is like that found missing puzzle piece – you didn’t know you were missing something so important until suddenly you wake up feeling whole.

*The wtf moments have been real (if I had could be a fly on the wall for a reenactment of coffeeshop or mid-intersection tantrums, the storm would have been so wild you’d swear we were a hurricane).

*I have thrown all sage parenting advice (that I would happily offer a friend) out the door. M still doesn’t sleep through the night and I will totally nurse her into snooze land whenever needed. Not so, EVER, with either of the older ones.

*Quiet moments are sweet ones. Nap time? 2am? Ducking into my office for work? I live for those moments, too.

Someone recently noted that ‘it gets better’ and that ‘I’m in the thick of it’. I smiled. We are in the thick of it, but it’s not so bad at all. We have our moments but so far the good far outweigh the bad. I don’t want these years to go by in the blink of a second, I want to enjoy and revel in them! Even if bribery while standing in line at the coffeeshop is the only way to do it. Frankly, I’m not that opposed to bribery at all anymore.

Over and out from the trenches. xo

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