A Year in Review: Favorite Recipes From 2013

Happy New Year!! Wow, 2014 here we are.

I’m a little in shock that yet another year has come and gone (I know, I know…), I look back at family photos and big moments from this past year and I can’t believe how quickly they have all gone by. It’s just all happening too. fast.

Most blessed moment of 2013 goes to our family expansion (most cuddliest moment and most ready to pop, too). Most thrilling perhaps to earlier in the year during the big reveal (and favorite video). Most champagne-worthy goes to Kevin’s graduation day in June after six years of studying hard (architecture degree now in tow), busiest to Kev delving into full-time entrepreneurship in not-architecture (some nail biting has ensued), most relaxing to our family vacation in Florida, most honest to my guest post on being a working mom. Favorite style boards for the year go to this post and this one. Most can’t-believe-this-is-happening to Liv’s first day of preschool. Most flower-child moment is probably when we attended Stagecoach (and I was uber pregnant). Best reoccurring moment goes to our semi-regular theater date nights.

And in between! Plenty of house remodel work, crafty projects, recipes to enjoy… so I thought I would take a few posts to share my very favorites in a sort of year in review.

Up first? Let’s talk food.

Favorite Recipes | PepperDesignBlog.com

from-scratch tomato soup | cantaloup & basil summer blend
chocolate dipped coffee spoons | white chocolate pretzel sticks
easy apricot tart | 4 ingredient melt-in-your-mouth macaroons
maple oat bars | yellow tomato tart | fruit smoothie popsicles

In all truth, Kev is the master chef around here. I’m so lucky to have found a guy who really knows his way around the kitchen and I’m always secretly hoping that he’ll take care of dinner each night (he’s soooo good! Even with a what seems to be empty fridge). But all of that said, I really love to cook. To bake and to cook. I even made an artsy video about my summer love of all things tarts.

So today I leave you with my favorite recipes from 2013 (well, not all are recipes. Some are just good eats.) See you back here soon with a round up of craft and home projects from our very busy 2013. Happy New Year!

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  1. says

    LOVE all your recipes, One of my new year’s resolutions is to cook more, so it’s great to have this kind of inspiration. Happy new year!!!

  2. says

    I still want to make those tarts…yummy! Thanks for the great reminder of all your wonderful moments. Glad to know 2013 was so good to your family. 2014 promises much more…..especially with two toddlers!

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